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Reaching other islands

Recommended Posts

Portland is completely surrounded by water, isn't it?

I know WP bikes could work but I honestly don't feel like fetching one everytime I wanna visit those islands

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Trashmaster + PCJ-600 - Park a Trashmaster by one of the El-Train poles on the walkway under it. The walkway should be elevated at this point. Then push the Trashmaster in the river. Has to directly face Staunton Island - cannot be in the river sideways. Then get a PCJ-600 parked nearby and park it up at the same place where Trashmaster would be. You have to drive off into the river so that you land on the Trashmaster. Then get off the bike, you should clip under the water and land on an invisible surface which is the subway tunnel. Walk back to Portland's subway station to load the underground (you will have to follow trains since it's easy to fall off) and then walk all the way to Staunton Island and jump off on one of the tunnels. Then walk towards Shoreside Vale and then jump off to respawn on the surface (because if you jump off anywhere north of Staunton Island, you'll either get stuck in Porter Tunnel under construction or be stuck in an infinite falling loop). To get from SSV to Staunton just grab a boat from the airport. I'm horrible at explaining things so

will help. This is by far the longest method.


Crusher Glitch - Crusher glitch a car and while it's still in ghost property, drive down to Portland's subway station. Then exit the car and get a ride to Staunton Island since they're both always unlocked. I haven't tried that but you could also get the ghost car inside the tunnel and drive to SSV where you then drive off into blue hell since the exit is locked.


PSP Glitch - If you're on PSP, load up a save with SSV unlocked and play a while. Sometimes when you load a save with SSV locked the lift bridge will still work for some reason. You still have to somehow get to Staunton Island if it isn't unlocked though.


WP Bike - You may not want to fetch it but it's pretty much the easiest and fastest method ever.


Cheats - Cars drive on water, teleport, spawn helis, etc. I wouldn't recommend cheats though.




To get back from anywhere, all you have to do is to get a boat (or use WP bike if you decide on using that method).

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PSP Glitch - If you're on PSP, load up a save with SSV unlocked and play a while. Sometimes when you load a save with SSV locked the lift bridge will still work for some reason. You still have to somehow get to Staunton Island if it isn't unlocked though.

In my case this worked for me perfectly. :)

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H/UH/WP PCJ-600 for the win. You just launch into the water and it teleports you on the SI side. Use this same Bike to collect Hidden Packages and such and then launch into the water again and it'll teleport you back to Portland side.


It's not "fetching" it again and again. You can keep one and only one and bring it back to Portland and store it in the Garage for when you use it.


But if you have a full Garage, it won't work, obviously. Best to get it in a Starter Save, do everything you can, then get rid of it, or keep it...


I told you about Starter Save in III, well, the same can be done in all the 3D Era Games. Half the game percentage can be done in these Games.


53% can be attained in III after Luigi's Girls before any other Mission.

44% can be attained in VC after In the Beginning... before An Old Friend and any other Mission.

13.37% can be attained in SA before Big Smoke and any other Mission.

49% can be attained in LCS after Home Sweet Home before any other Mission.

49% (give or take) can be attained in VCS after the first Mission, before any other Mission.


I have a Starter Save complete for III, VC, and SA and 2/3 complete for LCS and VCS.

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The water proof PCJ sucks though. I don't know if all bikes are like this or it is the fact that the WP PCJ inflicts more damage and therefore receives more damage but it only takes like a handful of bumps to set that thing on fire. It's the worst.


I'll probably not bother collecting the packages early since I have to drive that thing around like it's made of glass or something.

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Dude, it's Heavy. Read my LCS 100% Topic about the Vehicles Obtained and Converted. I explain about Heavy Vehicles. Since they are Heavy, they pack more of a punch, but in return, they take more damage. Bikes can't be converted to DP form. There is 17 Heavy Vehicles in LCS and I obtained them all but one. Heavy Cars/Trucks are the best after you convert them to DP due to their sheer power with smashing anything and everything out of their path.


Anyways, I think when I finish my LCS Starter Save, I am gonna use the Method that WildBrick142 explained about Ghosting a Vehicle through the Subway Tunnels. In this case, I don't need the PCJ, thus one less Mission Attempt in my Stats.

Edited by Militia
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I am interested in the crusher glitch. How do you do it by picking up a hooker exactly? I tried this in III and it seemed impossible. She always gets out exactly after I get out but I might be missing something.


The passengers stay in the car in the "Taxi Driver" mission in GTA III because as long as you keep the side mission\look behind button pressed the mission doesn't end.

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How to do it?

. It's simple. Except use a Hooker instead cuz if you use Avenging Angels side Mission, it'll add +1 every single time you DP a Vehicle EXCEPT if you are doing it AFTER 100%. That is the only time Side Missions don't add +1, when you use them AFTER 100%.


In III, it's the SAME way, except you use

. You can also use a Hooker, as well, but you still need to use the look back camera, unlike in LCS. Why is this so hard to comprehend? I told you by PM and I am telling you now and showing Videos.
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I'm guessing that the Avenging Angel stays in the Car magically? Or do you have to press something? Also, how does the Hooker stay in the car?

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In LCS, you don't use the look back camera, period. In III, you use it so the passenger stays in. LCS, the passenger just stays in without the look back camera.


The Hooker just stays in. In III, she will get out if you're not holding look back. The Hooker will just stay in the car in LCS. No look back required in LCS.

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The hookers in III never stay in. I tried it again and they get out immediately and they push Claude to the ground. Am I missing something here?


It does work like you said in LCS.

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I've never used Hookers in III, personally, just the Taxi Glitch to activate Taxi Side Mission, but I've heard that works, too. In LCS, I use hookers and on Gang Vehicles and/or larger Vehicles like Vans (Pony's, Rumpo's, Moonbeam's, etc, etc), I use Avenging Angels. Hookers don't get into large Vehicles or Gang Vehicles.


That pushing Claude to the ground thing happens on iOS for me, even when I use passengers from Missions, but I just mash the "get back into the Vehicle" button on the Touch Screens and even if Claude gets up too slow, he still will pull the passenger out just in time and perform the Glitch and the Vehicle will fall back to the ground as a Ghost, then just put it into the Garage to DP it.


Hm...Maybe the Hookers only work on PS2 and not PC. I am not positive, but since the Taxi Glitch doesn't add any Mission Attempts in III, you just use that there to DP the Vehicles and use Hookers/Avenging Angels (when necessary) in LCS.

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