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RSGC wont let me play even in offline mode :(


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hi guys.


i havent touched GTAV in about a week and today wanted to play with new mods that came out while i was away. but i cant.

RGSC wont let me log into its servers or at least that is what the message tells me. (code 2 error). i used to be able to play SP even with the EXE file blocked in the firewall but now i cant even do that.


the RGSC logs me as my user name so that works fine, but it wont even launch the game in offline. it says something about needing to activate the game... which has been activated on day 1....


i removed openiv.asi and the mods folder, i removed all ASI files.... i tried to let the game run as if i have no mods.... but i still get the problem. in fact the game ran fine a week ago. nothing changed in the meantime.... so why wouldnt it run today?


so wtf?

can anyone help?

Edited by topeira
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can anyone help? i cant play the game at all no matter what i do.

i need assistance :(

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i am still getting the same problem. still cant play at all!

is there ANYONE with some ideas on how i can play the efing game again?

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That's very weird, try reinstalling the game or reinstalling social club.


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i found out what the problem was - the firewall was blocking the game.


very strange since i didnt opt it to do so.


well, issue resolved now.

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