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[PS3] Pacific Standard Job +


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I am looking for 3 competent people to help me finish the pacific standard job finale, I have been stuck for an hour and a half with multiple groups of randoms who can't get two feet out of the bank without dying. I seriously don't know how people can be this bad especially the 200+ levels that have died.


You will get a 20% cut




heavy utility vest

full inventory of body armor and snacks.


take cover, play it smart, i hate having to restart over and over again.


if you are the demolition hang back and really play it smart, don't want to lose any $


would prefer level 100 and above, but ill take anyone who is competent.


after this job Id like to grind contact missions and other heists if you'd be up for it, or mess around in lobbies



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If you still haven't done it yet, I'd like to offer my services. PSN: gtaplayer1. If you have done it already, that's fine. I'm also looking for a good group of players to do the Pac Standard heist strand because for some reason I started up the heist and already payed the 100K setup fee so I'd like to earn my money back lol.


For those interested in joining me, crew members will get 20% cut because the leader doesn't get enough cash honestly. In a 25% cut senario, the leader pays setup fee of 100K and only gets 312K from the finale = approximately 200K earnings while crew members will get approximately 130K from setups and 312K from the finale = nearly 450K earnings. Pretty big gap there.


In a 40% leader cut and 20% member cut senario, the leader will get 500K from the finale and earns 400K after deducting the 100K setup fee. Members will get 250K from the finale plus the 130K from setups = 380K. Seems fair enough, right?

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PS3: SkynetOnlineID


I've done it a lot of times and I'm very unlikely to die. I'm above level 200.

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Thanks for all the replays. I had two forum members join me yesterday and one random, I was able to complete it. I am still looking to do all the hesits for money. I will add all of you,


I am up for any heists, and my next big goal is criminal mastermind. I have never died in any heist setup or finale. I am ready for the challange.


I will be on tonight after I get back from work, approx. 8pm-11pm Eastern standard time. I look forward to hesiting with all of you.


While i don't have a mic I follow directions and know what to do.


I hope you will join me in the criminal mastermind challenge. You will each get 20% for finales.

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