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Abigail mission dissapeared after getting submarine part with franklin


Go to solution Solved by Spuds725,

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Hello guys,


I have a problem finishing gta5 on 100%.


I finished the main story missions of this game. I also finished a lot of strangers and freaks missions except the one with Abigail on the location to buy the docks.

When I was finishing the game the question mark for abigail was there all along. I noticed the question mark was gone after I was collecting the epsilon tracts with franklin. In the east side of the map you can collect an epsilon tract under water. Pretty close to this position I saw something shiny at the bottom of the ocean and when i was swimming over it it maked a sound like you were collecting the letter scraps or spaceship parts. But nothing appeared on the screen. Then I noticed the question mark to starting the mission 'what lies beneath' with Abigail to collect the submarine parts.

I tried a lot of things but notning helps. I deleted my game data, reinstalled the game and updates but nothing.

Als I was contacting rockstar support for this matter but they still answered my question after 10days now. When I tweet rockstar support they always say they will look into this but and that I will receive a e-mail. But nothing.


I hope there is somebody out there who can help me dealing with this stupd bug.

Restarting is not an option. Ive done 58 hours with gta for now and i collected the spaceship parts, epsilon tracts, nuclear waste and wildlife photgraphy and all the head mission and all the strangers and freaks except the abigail missions.


Please help


thanks in advance

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  • Solution

The Submarine parts are NOT required for 100%-- they do unlock a trophy that is required for the Platinum Trophy/Achievement (see the 100% checklist-- link in my sig)


I know this for a fact--- on my game I collected the sub parts-- when I finished the story I realized my game had skipped a mission (Meltdown for Solomon)-- so I reloaded a save before this mission appeared (this reloaded mission of mine does NOT have the sub parts collected)-- I was able to get 100% without collecting submarine parts on my 100% save.


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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