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[V|REL] Realistic Driving V

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Update 2.5 (1.43) is 95% finished. It will feature 25 new cars and some reworks. Here is some preview footage: Part1 (Doomsday). Part2 (SSA Super Sport Series). i worked for 6 weeks on this update (165 hours). i had to deal with a lot of problems (login problems, downforce changes, Adv Handling Flags, hardcoded flags, electric car problems). just finshed creating the "scaled speed" version of 2.5

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@Killatomate I'd kiss you if you were  girl! :D
I had lost all hope for an update but here it comes. YAY!

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performance specifications of 25 new cars:



Autarch (SCG 003 Stradale 2017)
RWD, 1200 kg, 800hp, 7-speed automated manual DCT
0-100kmh: 2.9s
0-200kmh: 6.9s ?
0-300kmh: 17.0s ?
top speed: 375 kmh
120-0 kmh: 13.0 m/s2 ?
downforce: 700kg at 250kmh
Lat Accel 200ft: ? g
Lat Accel speed: 2.0g max


Entity2 (XXR)(Koenigsegg Agera R 2013)
RWD, 1450kg, 1140hp, 7-speed DCT, drag coefficient 0.37
0-100kmh: 2.9s
0-200kmh: 7.9s
0-300kmh: 14.6s
top speed: 439 kmh
Downforce: 300kg at 250kmh
Lat Accel speed: 1.6g max
wgt-distr: 44/56


SC1 (BMW M1 Concept 2009)
4WD, 1550kg, 540hp? (hybrid), 6-speed DCT
0-100kmh: 3.6s ?
0-200kmh: 12.3s ?
top speed: 295 kmh ?
200-0 kmh: 11.7 m/s2 ?


Taipan (Hennessey Venom F5 2019)(throttled)
RWD, 1400 kg, 1600 hp, 6-speed manual, drag coefficient 0.33
0-100kmh: ?s
0-200kmh: ?s
0-300kmh: 13.0s (10.0s)
Accel at 300kmh: 0.6g
top speed: 470 kmh (484 kmh)


Tezeract (Lamborghini Terzo Millennio 2018 Concept)
4WD, 1700? kg, ? hp, 1-speed transmission
0-100kmh: 2.8 s ?
0-200kmh: 7.4 s ?
top speed: 340 kmh ?


Tyrant (Apollo Arrow 2017)
RWD, 1350kg, 1014 hp, early shifting
0-100kmh: 2.9s
0-200kmh: 6.9s ?
top speed: 354 kmh
downforce: high (600+kg @ 250kmh?)


Comet4 (Retro SAFARI)(Porsche 953 1984)
AWD, 1250kg, 300hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 5.9s ?
top speed: 245 kmh


Comet5 (Comet SR)(Porsche 911 GT2 RS [997] 2011)
RWD, 1400 kg, 620 HP, 6-speed manual, good cornering, good handling
0-100kmh: 3.4s
0-200kmh: 9.4s
top speed: 336 kmh
Lat Accel 200ft: 1.09g


FlashGT (Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2012)
4WD, 1300kg, 380hp, 6-speed automated manual
0-100kmh: 3.0s
0-160kmh: ?
top speed: 180-225 kmh (gear ratio)
Lat Accel 200ft: 1.02 g


GB200 (Ford RS200 1985)
AWD, 1150kg, 444 hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 3.9s
0-160kmh: 7.3s
top speed: 190-225 kmh (gear ratio)


Neon (Porsche Mission E Carrera S 2019)
AWD, 2000kg, 536hp, 1-speed transmission
0-100kmh: 3.7s
0-200kmh: 13.0s
top speed: 270 kmh ?


Pariah (Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato 2017)
RWD, 1650? kg, 580 HP, 8-speed automatic single-clutch
0-100kmh: 3.6s
0-200kmh: ?
top speed: 310 kmh


Raiden (Tesla Model S 70D 2015)
4WD, 2250kg, 329hp, 1-speed transmission
0-100kmh: 5.4s
to speed: 225 kmh


Revolter (Cadillac Escala Concept 2016)
RWD, 2600? kg, 500 hp Twin-Turbo V-8, automatic transmission
0-100kmh: 5.4s ?
top speed: 280 kmh ?


Hotwing Sabre (Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR 1991)
RWD, 1500kg, 700hp, 4-speed transmission
0-100kmh: 3.3s ?
0-200kmh: 9.3s ?
top speed: 330 kmh ?


Sentinel3 (Sentinel Classic)(BMW M3 E30 Sport 1990)
RWD, 1275kg, 235hp, 5-speed manual, ABS
0-100kmh: 6.5s
0-200kmh: 30.5s
top speed: 245 kmh
wgt-distr: 48/52


Streiter (Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4² 2017)
4WD, 2050kg, 329 hp, 9-speed automatic
0-100kmh: 6.2s
top speed: 250 kmh

--sports classic--


Deluxo (DeLorean DMC-12 1982)
1250kg, 130 hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 8.6s
top speed: 180 kmh


Jester3 (classic)(Toyota Supra JZ A80 (MKIV) Turbo 1993)
RWD, 1600kg, 326hp, 6-speed manual, good brakes
0-100kmh: 4.9s
0-160kmh: 12.3s
top speed: 285 kmh
Wgt-Distr: 53/47
Lat Accel 200ft: 0.95g


Savestra (Mazda RX-3 SP (Savanna) Race Car 1976)
RWD, 900kg, 240hp (130), 4-speed manual, heavy steering, bad brakes, no ABS
0-100kmh: 6.6s ? (9.9)
top speed: 240 kmh ? (185)


Stromberg (Lotus Esprit S1 "Wet Nellie" 1976)    Distorted TractionBias
RWD, 950kg, 162 hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 6.9s
top speed: 220 kmh


Viseris (De Tomaso Pantera V8 GT5 1980)
RWD, 1500kg, 355hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 5.3s
top speed: 280 kmh


Z190 (Nissan Datsun 240Z 1971)
RWD, 1100kg, 151hp, 5-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 8.3s
top speed: 201 kmh


Dominator3 (GTX)(Ford Mustang GT 5.0 2015)
RWD, 1650kg, 435hp, 6-speed manual
0-100kmh: 5.2s
0-160kmh: 10.7s
0-200kmh: 16.5s
top speed: 260+ kmh


Ellie (Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1967)
RWD, 1550kg, 360hp, 4-speed manual, no ABS
0-100kmh: 6.5s
top speed: 250 kmh


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i got real life issues to take care of and on top of that some components of my system (memory, hard drives, screen) are dying. I cannot tell when i will finish another update.

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FIY: R* goofed around big time in Arena Wars:


Basically everything from the 7th gear on is bugged. Their code can't even handle the 9th gear, causing vehicles using that gear to get stuck until they reverse (which is handled by some other piece of code).


Ratios are all over the place too.

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