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[PC] Carmeet 27.06.2015


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Carmeet PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hello Boys and hopefully some Girls ! :D




Everytime i start GTA V to hoon around, i have like 60+ messages... most of them have the same content:" When is there a Carmeet.?!?!??!?!??!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I tell everybody that i will make one as soon as i can. I think today is the day. I had a hard week, and it would be nice to hang around with a few carguys this evening.


But i have one Problem: The most Carmeets i hosted till now (were all very nice with a cool bunch of People) but the most of the meets i told u to " bring the car you like the most"... many people were confused. " OMG I DONT KNOW WHAT CAR I HAVE TO BRING AAH"...

But my last ( Tuner car meet) a bunch of people were like " I HATE TUNERS!"... So i try to make everybody happy and make a order.So at first:



It is 15:00 / 3pm now, here in Germany. this is gmt+1 / // MESZ


The Carmeet will start in 5 hours. this will be 20:00 / 8pm (german time)


Order of Cars is:


- Luxury cars / Wagons / Familycars.... Because i had no clue where to put that Wagons xD (Minivan, Tailgater, etc. whatever)

- next will be Classic / Muscle cars .

-Tuner Cars (like elegy and Schafter and Sultan and Futo and stuff like that

- Sports cars and Exotics (Comet, Corquette, infernus...etc... you guys know what i mean.

- Offroad and SUV's ...

- Last section is a little Special. Its for all the Cars u have no idea which section it would fit in, this evening. Like Vans, or a Panto or Rapsody or whatever...



Important Rules

- No killing

- dont take the Sections too serious: e.G. a Glendale could be a Familycar, but it is also a Classic. so if you want, you can take one car to more sections if it fits into more categorys.

- If you interfere with something tells me , and I try to make it better next time.

- Have fun





How to Join the Carmeet?

- Add me (Yes my name is "Wastlandboy") :D

- write me a Message, why u added me (Carmeet)

- wait for invite.


if u add me like.. one hour after we startet the meet, it maybe take a few minutes to invite you because we are cruising or Racing at this moment, so please have a little patience




if someone would make a few Pictures and post it under my Post in this Forum.

I realy would like to see your impressions of this evening.


If there are any questions,or if i have forgotten something important ask me under this posts.

I realy think i have forgotten something, because i have written this Text in like 3 Minutes, so Sorry for everything :D




I hope i see old friends this evening, and hopefully a few new People.

have fun, dont be shy :D

Cya this Evening !

Wastlandboy aka. Chris

Edited by Wastlandboy
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