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[Xbox one] [Serious] [Role-play] Police, Fire, Civilian role-play clan


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I am starting up a life, and emergency service role-play clan. My clans in the past has mostly been focused on police and fire, but for this clan the main focus is going to be both. We have a full economy system in effect so people make money, and people spend money. If you get pulled over and get a ticket, you must pay it, if you get arrested, you have to pay.

You do have to buy cars to drive them.


Some basic rules before you apply. (Please note you must meet EVERY requirement to be considered.)

1. Have a Xbox one with a working mic.

2. Be of at least 15 years of age. (no exceptions)

3. Be serious in games, no trash talking.

4. Respect everyone.



The police is run like a real police department. I am a police explorer, so I do know a lot of police tactics, rules etc.

The police is the most serious out of all the divisions, there is absolutely no messing around as a police officer.

As a police officer you are expected to "protect and serve" the city and keeping peace between the civilians in the clan and the AI' s. The police can go around the whole map but are assigned a district.

If you want to be a police officer, you must be willing to go through the training, and be serious while in games.


Fire Department:

The fire department responds to all medical incidents, and fire incidents. This does include EMT's.

The fire fighters also must go through training. The fire department does tend to be the smaller of the divisions in the clan, but they are always looking for people.



The civilians is most likely going to be the most popular on this form, but as a civilian you MUST be mature and serious. Civilians must have a job, and preforms the job in the game. As I said we do have a money system, and we will use it. So civilians must drive the car that they paid for.

Supervisors can start their own business and employ other civilians, but there can't be multiple business doing the same thing.

As in real life there are criminals, so doing criminal activity is allowed to a extent. There is no shooting without permission from a supervisor, and you cannot run from the police unless a supervisor approves. I know that sounds boring, but that keeps the game going for a long time.


This clan does have a lot of structure, which made it successful in the pass, and with your help it will make it successful in the future.


To Join:

You can visit our website www.gtav-sarp.weebly.com go to the application and fill it out.

Or you can message and add OldSpice97 on Xbox. Please state your age, and what you would like to do.

Everyone goes through a interview before being accepted.



Thank you,

Commissioner OldSpice97

Edited by OldSpice97
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You need to post your crew's Rockstar Games Social Club link.

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There is a social club crew, but its more than that, its really a overall community. The crew tag does not mean as much as some of the other crew you see.

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Sure.. If you can and want.

Again if you want go join go and apply at gtav-sarp.weebly.com

Ace.. If you still want to dispatch submit a application, but put your Skype name instead of gamertag

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So what do I click for the application? Cause there is no out of game dispatcher box

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