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New question about finding cars for Simeon ( new player )


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So hello , I have been playing Grand Theft games for oh I say 2 days now . So I am very new, I guess I shouldn't have just jumped into GTA V online but I couldn't help myself.


I have a text message from Simeon and what I think I have to do is find these cars


Benefactor Serrano , Mammoth Patriot , Emperor Habanero , Schyster Fusilade and Bravado Gresley.


I think I just deliver them to him . I did some search online and people are saying if you can't find the car start a new session .... what does that mean ? Quit game and try again?


Oh and if anyone can tell me ( I play PC version ) how to properly shut down my game please let me know. I usually have to Ctrl - alt - Del to bring up task manager and close from there. I do not see a quit game in menu options.



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You have to find only ONE of those cars.


I think with missions they mean contact missions, but as you have just started playing Online you might not have the level unlocked for those. When Simeon has a list in your phone those cars in the text will spawn more often then normal. Most of the time you shouldn't have trouble looking for them. The cars are regular streetcars so its best to look on google or somewhere similar to see what a Patriot, Serrano, etc are.

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You have to pause the game and go to the Online tab then at the bottom or near the bottom should be an option to "Leave GTA Online" that's how you leave to make sure your progress is saved. That's on Xbox but I can't imagine it being different on PC tbh.

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Tails Prower

There are quite a few points on the map you will always find a vehicle on Simeon's car list, with the current

random events that are happening in free roam make a note of where you see the green car symbols on

the map as Simeon's car list vehicle (one of them anyway) will always spawn there.


I've summarised the main spawn locations here:


Chumash (Car Park around the Fleeca Bank Heist)

Vessucci Beach (Car Park behind the Tennis Court)

Vessucci Beach Car Boat Park

Golf Course Car Park

Rockford Hills Subway Station

Observatory Car Park

Casino Car Park

Alta Street Car Park beside Simeon's Car Dealership

Panic Bowl Arena beside Grove Street Gang Area


Think I might have missed one or two but those are the main areas I find cars on the car list.

Edited by tails_prower_2040
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Claptrap NL

Some cars in the game are hard to find. I think people ment those cars.

For example: The Hearse, the Voodoo Classic and Peyote aren't easy to find untill you reach a certain rank or untill you or a friend owns one/drives in one of those cars.

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