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RP Research 6/2015

Captain Revenge

Recommended Posts

Captain Revenge

I have been splitting my time between GTA 5 online and the semi online single player AC Black Flag just to float around and beat the living hell out of British and Spanish wooden ships set in 1715, a good 60 years before the US Navy and about 300 years difference from GTA 5. Been looking for the latest fastest way to make legit RP doing solo missions, doing them solo so i won't need a mic to yell at myself ;)


My most lucrative mission so far was The Los Santos Connection, about 40 minutes in the Rhino, it could have been less time cause i tend to punish traffic along the way while in the tank. Game ending total RP was 6317


Hit'em Up - 15 minutes in the Buzzard, it said 3649, actual after subtracting from previous RP total it was 5049


Mix up with coke - 15 minutes in the Buzzard, started by landing on Weasel NEWS helipad across the street, too see how many i can drop with the silenced Sniper before they all react, 4377 RP


Cleaning the cat house - 15 minutes 3315 RP in the Buzzard, kill all with rockets from a distance, land on roof above her, she runs up to roof and gets in, fly around trying to get pursuing motorcycles. Bring her to Martins.


Trash Talk 18 minutes - Buzzard or Rhino, after 1st 4 trucks are destroyed, to kill time i go on a personal rampage killing and destroying all for 10 minutes, you get about 4200 RP.


Racing's RP has been dialed way back, any 4 minute or longer race time gets you 1790 RP, before it was 3000


I noticed the hanger at Ft Zancudo is open now, not much in there.


Extradition has changed, no longer will you find Laser's on the runway at Sandy Shores Airfield, so i managed it solo in the Buzzard.


Anybody or just about anything that is kept in your stats can be destroyed during most missions, and you will get credit for them, credit in statistic form, not RP form. Still fun to go mental on the general population without getting a mental status or ANY law enforcement interference. I've killed over 235,000 NPC's, not sure if my Cop and NOOSE totals are included, and over 97,000 cars blown up. Quota's for my OCD :p



I have yet to play ANY heists :p





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Play the first heist and then buy the unlocked Armored Karuma. Really awesome for grinding missions solo. Baring heavy weaponry it's almost indestructable. Mine finally died after about 5 Lester "Distract" missions running up 5 star ratings for approximately 15 minutes each time. Between there were gang fights and a few other things.

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The Armored Karuma is perfect for trolling Lester's purple circles, lol

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Blow Up 2 using a tank will probably give you the most RP. Once got 10,000+RP on this mission blowing up Police Choppers,Cruisers, FIB Grangers etc with my tank.

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Good ways to make money on GTA Online:

If you are rank 45 you can do "Editor and Thief", solo on hard it pays $10,350 and 1964 RP, grind it at 4 minutes from when you can start moving your character in the mission, even with load times you can repeat it about every 5.5 minutes... so you can do it 10 times an hour earning $103,500 and 19,640 rp an hour... if a friend rides along you up the payout by 10%... for over $113,000 per hour...

Start the mission after you drive up to the Vinewood area, just to the east of Rockford Plaza the starting spawn point is between Las Lagunas Blvd and Alta St. Start the mission on hard, start timing as soon as you can start running to your car in the mission, you drive down Las Lagunas to get to the target vehicle. If you drive really fast you catch the editor at a red light (most of the time), you pull up behind him, step out of your car, shoot him once in the head with a shotgun, pick up the docs, jump back in your car, lose the cops driving to Madrazo's house, wait for your time in mission to go past 4:05, deliver the docs... repeat... DO NOT buy armor and ammo each time you start the mission and you can grind it over an hour with just $24 in shotgun ammo... do it with a friend or crew member for a small increase in payouts and RP....

For players rank 5 do "Rockford Roll" pays $9,150 in four minutes requires no weapon no car (you can steal one off the street to get there if you need to..., players rank 35 do "Check Out Time" pays $10,050 in 4 minutes... if you set them on hard and time it just over four minutes from when you can move your character in the mission.... If you have a Buzzard, Savage or Hydra you can do "Trash Talk" with them, just make sure you time it and go over the 4 minute mark before you kill the boss who is fleeing...

Do the setups for Heist on hard, and Heist finales too...

Also the smuggler's planes/helicopters... start paying at $3,000 but increase another $3000 each time you shoot one down... I have one character earned $30,000 on the last one and my second character is up to $15,000... again it increases $3,000 each time... not sure how high it will go... but, definitely worth doing for the couple of minutes it takes to do them - especially if you are in an invite only or closed friend session...

1st time $3,000
2nd $6,000
3rd $9,000
4th $12,000
5th $15,000
6th $18,000 etc... etc... etc... 10th $30,000...
It is not worth wasting your time for 11+ minutes in a mission to get to the 15+ time/payout and then only get double the pay you receive after completing a mission in 4 minutes...LOL...
Edited by smartergaming
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Also be aware in many missions Rockstar has nerfed the rp payouts so that you no longer get any rp for killing cops...

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yeah I noticed that for a lot of simion missions and base invaders - killing soldiers no longer gives you rp which sux

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Captain Revenge

I'm just after legit RP, I have $30 million, my signature gizmo is slow i'm at 622 now. That 4th of July double RP was great, i made 10,000 RP doing Los Santos Connection solo in the tank, then took 1 of their Buzzards to Martin's. After that i was grinding Hit'em Up and Cleaning the Cathouse, 5000+ each. All play in the Buzzard.


Buzzard Rocket kills 61.6K

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