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Who are we?


Hi, My name is Ryan and i'm the leader of Greater Federation, The Greater Federation (GFRA) Is an active military crew on the playstation four platform. We do all sorts of things such as, gunfights, Crew vs Crew wars, Training, Assasionations, Spy / Covert Operations, Invasions and more! You may ask, dont you need alot of people to do this? YES! we do! but that is not an issue. The Greater Federation has nearly 230 Members, And 120 Reserves (people we can call for assistance but do not do anything active with the crew besides huge operations)


Why join us?


The Greater Federation has alot to offer in terms of jobs and diffrent activitys for people to join. Joining diffrent divisions allows people to meet new friends and explore the GFRA Crew and its affiliates. Here are some of the jobs that are avalible for you guys to join!:


Department Of The Army:


Infantry (Ground Foot Soldiers (Approximatly 40 Enlisted, 20 Recruited)


Armor (Tanks and Heavy Motor Vehicles)


Paratroopers ( Also Known as the airborne division, Jump out of planes and flank enemy forces)


Department Of The Airforce:


Combat / Fighter Squadron - (Fly in a squadron of F-35's Or F-16's. Intercept hostile aircraft)


Attack Wing - (Fly Attack Helicopters to support ground troops, Flank the enemy and take out heavy enemy defences / fortifications)


Transport / Airlift Wing - Fly Transport Helicopters to deliver troops to the battlefield or do recon on enemy positions or advances)


Department of the Navy:


Marines: Elite Infantry, More Amphibious and More Manuverable


Marine Aviation: The Marines own airforce, Attack Jets and transport helicopters.


Navy: Drive Boats into hostile waters with gunners and sometimes SEALs, to take out enemy infantry near the coast.



Department of the Joint Special Operations Command:


Shadow Company: The Most Highly Skilled Special Forces Group In The GFRA, Level 80+ & K/D Ratio 0.90+. Conducts HALO Operations, Spy / Covert Operations, Assasinations, Rapid Deployments, Recon & More! Very Loyal and dedicated to the GFRA, Gains the morale.




Think about this, 350 Members, 2,750 Subs on Youtube & a sh*t ton of battle buddies.





GOVERNMENT: Ask Director_Preston For Details (Head Of The C.I.A (B613)


President Of The UAO









kik: Ryan_Botsko
PSN: Online-Required
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  • 9 months later...

You said nearly 230 members and 350 members,which one is right?

When i check the crew page on RSC theres only 11 members,wheres the other 219 and 339 members?

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