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[Help] goinf.ru virus


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Many months ago I was browsing the internet and downloaded some files. After I extracted one of them infected my computer with goinf.ru/ o-mi.ru.


At first they kept changing my home pages in Chrome and Mozilla to something like smartinf.ru (it's still my home in Mozilla) and my search engine to a Russian one. Everytime I changed the default search engine and home page, they changed themselves back in a while.


The biggest problem I have is with the goinf.ru page. When I'm browsing the internet, be it in Chrome or Mozilla, it would sometimes randomly redirect me to goinf.ru (or o-mi.ru). It has redirected me literally more than a thousand times already. I open a certain site or a link... and I'm redirected. Sometimes more often than others :/


I searched the internet for ways to get rid of this problem, but the best solution I could find was "BlockSite" in Chrome a couple of days ago. I even got my computer to a technic (along with other problems), but he couldn't fix that problem either. It's been months now.


Do you have any ideas? :/


Index40 before I blocked it a few days ago (22.06)



Index32 after I blocked it a few days ago



Index40 just now



This is my home page in Mozilla. It some Russian news site. Everytime I change it, it will automatically become my home again after some time. It was a part of that same virus.


Edited by BlackSnow176
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Are you already tried reinstall the browser? or just try refresh it to default <google it.




I reinstalled both browsers a couple of times and changed the default search engines, but it just keeps getting back and back :(


I just refreshed Firefox. For now it works. Thanks :)

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It's a sh*tty browser hijacking plugin.

Malwarebyte's anti malware should get rid of it.




Late to the party

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