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[C#] detect mod being refreshed and remove blips

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I'm looking for a way to detect that my mod is being refreshed, so i can remove any blips I've added to the map. As it stands, every time a user refreshes ScriptHookV, my blips are added again and after a session of testing, i can have upwards of 100 blips on my map,


It doesnt really seem to be a performace issue for me, but on lesser PC's i fear it may be, And i dont like having duplicate blips.


I guess most users arent gonna be refreshing ScriptHookV much, but im sure some will be, and i'd like to cover that situation. Ive looked at.


Ive found

void REMOVE_BLIP(int *blip) // 86A652570E5F25DD D8C3C1CD

but passing the blip, the blip handle, or the blip hashcode does not work, but even if it did, i need some sort of modRefreshed() event to use it in.


Sorry for the wall of text.


TL;DR: How can i detect if my mod is about to be unloaded, and how can i remove blips?

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Take a look at this thread:




There's a guy having a similar issue.


Haven't checked if the issue is fixed, however they added an enhancement label to the topic, which means that it probably is something that will be changed in the near future.

Edited by frodzet

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1.Download scripthookVdotnet source.

2.Add event in unload method


4. (Maybe) PROFIT!!!

It should work.


All the best,


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Blips start from (0>GET_NUMBER_OF_ACTIVE_BLIPS)

You should store the blip count + 1 as your created blip and then use that number to remove the blip.

Edited by Enumerator

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You could either store the IDs of the blips in a file, and then when your mod starts check if those exist and are the correct blip type, and then delete them, or what leftas said.

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Override Dispose method:

protected override void Dispose( bool A_0 ){    if ( A_0 )    {        // remove your blips here    }}
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