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Bad Looking Hair/Facial Hair and Problematic Subtitles

Naughtius Maximus

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Naughtius Maximus

Hey everybody. I've recently started to play GTA V on my PC. I have two major problems which I'd like to consult with you.


First of all, there's something really annoying about protagonists' hair and facial hair. First, Franklin's default hair style seems like a bunch of dark dots that have come together. This problem is also valid for several other hair styles for Franklin, such as Triple Rails. Also Franklin's facial hair styles look the same way, both Full Spartan and the Stubble. Here's some pictures to show what my problem is:








I have similar problems with Michael. There's nothing wrong with his hair styles; they look just fine, unlike Franklin's. Oh forgot, but his buzz hair cut from "Prologue" just looks scratchy like Franklin's hair shown in the pictures above. Other than that, Michael's goatee just looks cartoony and a bit screwed. Like in this picture:




I've done research on the Internet about this problem, but there's nothing given to end this problem exactly. Some suggest playing with MSAA settings, but even if I do that, it just makes that dotty look a little bit better but doesn't exactly end the problem. Also when I play with MSAA settings (even get it on "x2"), the game becomes too laggy. Anyone have come across to this problem? If so, what's the way of getting rid of it?




Another problem is about the subtitles. I don't know but for some reason subtitles follow late during the cutscenes... more correctly, to somewhere in the cutscene, subtitles matches fine but after some point, subtitles start to come late. I don't know why; I didn't notice much of a lag, bug or glitch during the cutscenes. Outside the cutscenes, subtitles seem to be fit just fine. Anyone also acknowledged of this, or why should I do? Thanks for the help.



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I made a thread about this 2 month's ago when the game was first released for the PC, but damned if I could find my original thread, sorry to say!..


Anyhow the replies in my thread where that this has been the case with facial hair since GTA V was released on console and that the hair is awful, something to those words was commented in my thread!..



Only the goatee for Franklin looks good on him and the rest look like he's wearing a beehive of bee's instead of facial hair, the five o'clock shadow or stubble beard looks ok too on Franklin too



these two picture where taken a week or two after the games release two month's ago, you can see the awful beehive beard look in one of the screen shots


here's Franklin in my current game, my game has all the latest patches installed from R*
update 2
I don't mess with the graphic setting's because I have a tiny bit of stuttering in game, but not enough to ruin the gaming experience for me, here's what the game chooses for my graphic setting's!..
update 3
My personal plate on my Taxi in games is Scorsese, damn Taxidriver wouldn't fit and it left out the r in taxidriver, so I went with Martin Scorsese last name, the Director of the movie
I use Simple Trainer for GTAV by sjaak327 to change or personalize the license plate in game
funny thing driving past a ped in my taxi cab with personal plates a ped yelled out Are you talking to me?
Edited by Craigsters

"You don't understand! I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."


                                                                                                                                                                           On the Waterfront 1954 M.Brando

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