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[V|REL][GTALUA] Evilebob's Personal Turret/Bigfoot is my Buddy

Recommended Posts

Evilebob's Personal Turret from Rideable Peds mod By Spookyco

massive credit and thanks to Spookyco for such an easy and versatile script

also thanks to all contributors known and unknown. If you recognize something

and want your name credited, email [email protected]

Feel free to Take it, implement in your own, share it.

please just link to my posted downloads for ease of updates :)

Remember to give credit


Requires GTALUA 1.1.0

Install location:

Grand Theft Auto V\GTALua\addons\personal_turret


keybind currently num3. You can change this at the top of the lua file.

toggle once for mounted turret

toggle again for Bigfoot is my Friend mode

once more to release into the wild

there is a delay between keys to prevent spamming.

*Update: Approved. 6/24 fixed bad gta5-mods link

What I originally thought was going to be an easy project turned out quite a bit more challenging than I expected. There was a lot of difficulty keeping bft mounted when entering vehicles. There's a task sequence reset that seems to override everything I could throw at it.

I have some ideas for future enhancements, but I felt it reached a point where it was stable and smooth looking enough for public release.

Targeting is based on the game's bodyguard threat system. Sometimes you have to start aggro for a target to be a threat.

This could be compatible with the other luasdk since I used almost all native calls. If not, it would only be a few minor tweaks to do so if somebody were so inclined.

My time for coding and projects is extremely limited, but I'm open to code ideas and design discussion. If anybody wants to save me some time to create an asi version, i'd be happy to keep both versions updated if possible.


New version posted. I made a bad call thinking it was gtalua but instead it was code from fully loaded menu. woops. Would have worked only for players with both mods. Changed to native for universal compatibility. Also added sequence looping for the combat sequence. Appears to be more aggresive

Edited by Evilebob

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What exactly does this do ?

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What exactly does this do ?

As simplified as I can describe it.

It is:

1.) A shoulder mounted auto turret


2.) A shoulder mounted auto bigfoot

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OK I understood .But Bigfoot ?

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OK I understood .But Bigfoot ?

Might be missed by international players. Fans of Bigfoot in America often say and wear things that say "Bigfoot is my buddy".

Since I needed a playermodel to be my buddy, Bigfoot was a natural selection.

It took only a fraction of a second to see it live and know I made the right decision :breadfish:

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