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[V|REL|.NET] Tow Truck Service


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This is a script that gives you an option to call Tow Truck Service.


- When you call a Tow Truck Service, a driver with a Tow truck will come and tow the closest vehicle next to you!



- In V1.2b:
- Added the reset key which resets the tow truck and the driver simply by pressing the reset_key button, located in TowTruck.ini (default R)
- Reset is usefull when the Tow truck gets stuck or driver gets killed
- Fixed lots of bugs, making the mod much more reliable now


- In V1.2:
- Added the configuration file (.ini) so now users can change the key for calling Tow Truck Service and change the radius for selecting the closest vehicle for Service to tow
- Added even more realistic scenario now, where the driver actually drives to you to tow the selected car
- Now all Tow Truck drivers drive vehicles to the parking lot (still a bit buggy)
- Fixed more bugs


- In V1.1b:

- Added a realistic scenario where the driver now exits the tow truck, writes the plate number of the selected vehicle and drives it off
- You now have to wait one minute before you can call the Tow Truck Service again
- Fixed a couple of bugs


- In V1.1:
- Fixed a bug where a truck wouldn't spawn when using LSPDFR mod
- Changed some text when Tow Driver tows a car

Known bugs:

- Report possible bugs in the comments!


- Before you say in the comments that it's not working do the following:
1. Copy everything from ScriptHook and ScriptHookDotNet folder in my mod
2. Paste in your GTA V install folder
3. Put TowTruck.dll into scripts folder (located wherever you installed GTA V)
4. Start the game!





Author: qwerasdzxc



Edited by qwerasdzxc
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Nice mod, some suggestions:

- the player add a marker to map as a destination for the towtruck

- dont spawn the towtruck from nothing, let it arrive from distance

- add option to drive the towtruck yourself.

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