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Stuttering fix


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This helped me to get rid of stuttering so I thought I should share it.



Edited by tommi_6o
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I think this feature is supposed to be "on" in both the OS and BIOS (It's called 'high precision event timer'), Some reported better framerate, while others claimed setting both to 'false' was better. (Back when BF4 came out, setting these to off/false resolved my stuttering in the game). Try both and see what works best!



Here's a good read if you want to know more about it. :)

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Rubbish fixes and/or Snake oil crap.

This game needs a powerful pc. Period.

Plus it has problems that need patches.

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This game needs a powerful pc. Period.


I don't think this is true, the requirements are pretty reasonable, and also runs wayy better than IV.

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Kaito Katsumi

Powerful to run it beautifully, yes.

But crap PCs are OUT.

I'm looking at you 9800gt peeps lol

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How do you revert these settings back to the default values ??

This fix did not help me...

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delete system32 is a good command to free up space on your PC. You have to run CMD in admin mode.

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How did you guys install driver for gta v, did you firstly remove your old one?

Graphics driver?

In that case, I usually do Express Installation but doing a Clean Installation (or Full, whatever it is called) can be a good choice when a game does not function properly

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Messing with HPET and other system timers will not really get you anywhere unless you have an extremely old or incompatible motherboard.

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