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GTA 5 (Trill life) Roleplay story -Recruiting players-


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The introduction to "Trill life" a series of betrayal..deals gone wrong..new alliances formed and broken..anything you can imagine happens in this life. A story of the fight to the very top..high end apartments..luxury cars and luxury ho's lol, But the question is..will this sh*t be worth it? or are we just living some crazy fantasy?

This is a serious roleplay..yes we can crack jokes but i actually want to give this a real life feel you know? gta became boring af so it made me want to create this even more. Here are the rules

This is trill life
Weapons-Sawed off shotgun *any sniper* -No ap pistol- *yes you can use uzi's and AK's*
Message me on the ps4 @ ChrisIsAmazingxD if you're interested and let me know what character you'd like to play as..

Also let me know what days you are available to be in the series (that way i will know)
Yes there will be gang attacks and police chases in the story..
Yes there will be female characters also *make sure you're actually a female lmao*
I really want something like this to work out..any help will be much appreciated.


Currently looking for players that would like to play as cops..gang bosses..robbers..mafia members etc.

Since this is a life of making it to the top..please no luxury cars until we're further in the story?

This is an actual roleplay so it'll be in a private lobby that way nobody will troll or other sh*t -__- lol

Please have a headset..mic..whatever you use..and stable connection? much love guys.


Hope to get some feedback. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsYJJruarcc


Rockstar crew link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/teampyrex0:facedesk:

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Hey if youre seriously going to do this im interested my psn is jefe_chapo_513

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