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A performance based reward system


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We've all seen it, some or one player does tons or all of the work and all players get the rewards.


I just played a contact mission with a guy. We both started in fast cars. He got in his first and got way ahead of me. Then I pass him getting into a much slower car (the objective is pretty far away). By the time he ventually gets to the Lost Camp I have killed 19 enemies and taken care of business. He grabs a bike and goes to the finish, pain, damage and cost free.


Now I was rank 166 and he was rank 33. I do understand and like the aspect of high rank players helping out low rank players but this guy just hung around until I did the mission for him and then he claimed the rewards. I mean he was back to the end point well before me.


So, saying all that, what would and could we see in a performance based system whedre if you don't interact, you don't earn. How would this work and what would make it work and not work. Remember, shooting isn't everything, I have played many missions where I was vital but barely shot at all.


What features would you include and disclude from a performance based reward system on GTA O?

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i woud vote for this....if that woudn't sound overly conplicated to put in gta online.

cant imagen if a rockstar developer ever saw this, how this woud break the current system even more



2 patches later: "pathed a glitch were the player who joined first in a contact mission woud also get the money and rp of the other players"


honestly im not realy bothered, but yea, i woudnt say no to sertain rewards to do contact missions

hell every contact mission woud be more fun if you unlocked a t-shirt for doing like all of simeon his missions or trevors his or killing like 1000 lost npc's and sh*t like that

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I don't agree with this. It promotes the "Get into an attack vehicle and blitz everything that moves" mentality that annoyingly permeates this game. People rush off at the start of most missions to get a Buzzard or Savage, then go nuts to finish as fast as possible.


We're only doing Rooftop Rumble, calm down guy lol.

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This is why I play missions on my own, I do it all myself, reap all the rewards and get all the credit, not to mention that most randoms are brain dead and get joy out of deliberately f*cking up your good time.


When I ever do play with randoms this is why I always make sure that it's on hard and that I'm the one to pick up the coke, pick up the briefcase or steal the car, that way, if I choose to, I can fail the mission for everyone that hasn't contributed, therefore keeping their bank accounts as empty as they were before I joined, sure I won't get any but I still feel pleased knowing that they're not getting something for nothing.

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Thanks to people like op is why missions are ruined into nothing more than moronic kuruma races.

Why don't you play solo instead? What's the point of co-op if you try to do everything and alienate your team?

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I still say they should implant something where if you don't get at least one kill in you won't get paid.

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Just vote to kick them out, simple as can be.

You can't kick the other player if there are only two of you. You need at least 2 votes, possibly 3?


Problem with implimenting this is then everyone will race to be "the guy" to get more money and those JP. I mean, wont someone think of the JP?


I do believe that the idle timer should be shorter for missions. 1 minute or so. keeps those douche canoes who ride a long from mission to mission never moving from their start point. Had one do that tonight. Never moved a step through 4 missions but was there to thumbs up and vote at the end of each one. When it was finally down to the two of us in Check out time (the one where you kill and photograph the lawer for Martin) for some reason even though he never moved, he died twice and ended up spectating. I killed the lawyer, took her picture and drove all the way up to Poleto bay and back. Just before Madrozos place, I got out of my car, flipped the bird and exited the mission.


Screw him.

Edited by PNutterSammich
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I still say they should implant something where if you don't get at least one kill in you won't get paid.

Nice idea but that wouldn't work with certain missions.

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The Lone Wanderer

do you know how platinum awards work in heists?

badly, that's how.



just host your missions and kick idiots.

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I still say they should implant something where if you don't get at least one kill in you won't get paid.

It's a GTA game (GTA = Grand Theft Auto where we interpret the role of criminals related to thefts: grand theft auto / robberies / heists... and not the mass murderer!), not a call of duty, CS or BF4.

It's rare where we have the obligation to kill people (every opponents). In most of the case, we need to stole an item (vehicle(s), briefcase etc...). Sometimes we have to kill SOME opponents, but we have the choice, and we can success a mission/activity without kill everyone.

If you want kill everybody during these missions/activities, it's your choice, but it's not the purpose.


Then, no "at least one kill" isn't the solution (it's already difficult to find some people with a brain, playing in "immersion" and respecting the game "GTA").

Plus, When we play in Co-op (with 2 players for example), it's more smart to have one guy (1st player) in cover with the objective to steal the item and the other guy (2nd Player) to protect the scene/place/Item/1st player. Then, if in the end, the first player have no kill, it doesn't matter, the mission is a success because these 2 players did perfectly the job as a (real) team.

That's "Co-op" !

If you don't like this way, then play this missions/activities in solo...

In fact you should play in solo, because actually, i'm playing (and "we" have to play) every missions/activities in solo when it's possible, because, it's very difficult to play missions/activities in co-op with people playing in the smart way, in real co-op instead a f*cking race with armo-noob vehicles where every players play for herself/himself and just want to kill a maximum of opponents by herself/himself....


GTA Online is ruined by people like you (and Rockstar do nothing against that... in contrary, they encourage people to kill the GTA serie....), playing like the "Deathmatch" in counter strike, CoD, BFx... where people doesn't care about the objectives, about the team, they just want have the best personal ratio K/D......


Then in contrary, in the most of missions/Activities, players killing every opponents (just to kill people, for a good ratio, and to be the first in the ranking....) instead to respect the objective(s), instead to protect the objective(s), instead to protect other players doing the mission, should be lose points (RP and money)^^

In fact, Rockstar should make some specific roles for each player (or team of players) for this kind of activity. But the game would be too much infantilized (GTA is a game for adults .... in theory).

But finally (seeing this kind of thread on this forum), given that most of people are clearly kids, or haven't understood yet what's a "GTA game", the only thing that Rockstar should add, would be unfortunately "precise roles" and reward in relation to these roles (for example):

- Those who protect and cover the others, earn points and money by "preventing that others get killed ... whatever the means."

- Those who have the role to deal with the objective, earn points and money by "succeeding in take the ownership of the object and bring it back in good condition."



For me, according to the first message of this thread, I would not have liked to play with these 2 players, without take the time to organize themselves: "who is doing what", because they wanted to rush the mission from the start :

- with two different cars.... instead to take one car....

- where one wanted to kill everyone, and the other one wanted just to take a bike,

- (for the 2nd player) without ensuring that his partner is fine. Especially in this case, he was able to take the bike, because the first player was covering him ....

- knowing that the first player didn't cover him actually, but just wanted to kill every opponents ....

=> So finally, they played like dumbasses. they deserve to have no reward (or just the minimum).

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