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On foot chases/freerunning locations


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The title speaks for itself.

I really enjoy on foot chases, especially in a place where i can jump over obstacles, down into alleyways and climb into small buildings to shake off my persuers or just to have some freerunning experience.

With this on mind, i decided to make a thread about people's favourite locations where all of this is possible.


I personally enjoy Leftwood and Alderney City. Rich in alleys and higher-lower than street levels, it provides sweet chases, where it is fairly easy to loose cops using the simple but extremely fun run, jump and roll mechanics.


Share your favorite freerunning places. Be it between alleys, top of buildings and mixed.

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The Dedito Gae

the elevated train stations are awesome, specially the one in Holland, with all the alleys and the tunnel to the subway.


sometimes i raise NBs wanted level via cheat in there (i pretend he's been ratted out by a past boss or something)


i have Niko running for a while and later he decides to robba car...


and that's where the fun begins.

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I used to have Niko defend himself at places, such as Clukcin Bell, the internet cafe, the hotel, even his safe houses as well. Running on foot is really fun as well, and calling for backup adds more to it.

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I went everywhere this guy went, including his other parkour vids:


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Alderney City has some great Alleyways to run around in for sure. :)

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I went everywhere this guy went, including his other parkour vids



This video is sick. Some of the best locations here!

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I like to hide and run through Funland. It's sometimes a bit scary when a cop appears from around a corner especially when it's dark. I like to pretend they are zombie police.

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I sometimes like going back to the construction site where you chase Ivan. Also Schottler has some good places to climb stuff especially near that street underneath the railroad track.

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