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End of GTA 2 - "You have no luck"


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I have just finished GTA2. I received it a looooooong time ago (more than 10 years) when a was a child. But it is only the first time I finish it... :beerhat:


By the way, when I reached the 5.000.000$ of the last level, I entered into the church, and the following screen was displayed (sorry, I play in French).




I am just wondering what is the meaning of the "bad luck" message?


Does someone know something about it?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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If you finish all the missions then you get a slightly different message.


In English the bad ending says "NICE TRY!" and the good ending says "GAME COMPLETE!".


The nice try could be sarcastic but that might not translate well.

Edited by Sektor
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Thanks a lot for the answer.


Yes, I confim that the translation was not done right... "Bien essayé" would be better.


Now, I can rest in peace. Thanks again for the explaination.

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Does anyone actually know the exact conditions to get the "game complete!" screen.

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I suppose it's leaving the district after completing all missions, not just earning enough money.

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I found a old CD in my draw from years ago with GTA 1 & 2 on it for PC, it has lots of scratches on it so I hope it still works.



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