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Gta5 and SLI


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Hey, I just spent a pile of money to upgrade my gaming system and have noticed some GTA5 performance issues. Not really happy with the result.


First my specs:

Windows 8.1 64 bit

AMD8350 oc'd @ 4.510 ghz, 44c.

Nepton 140XL liquid CPU cooler, a bitch to install into my case, but that's another story.

750 watt ps. (single 12v rail rated 62 amps)

M5A99FX Pro R2.0 with optimized settings.

2-GTX970 SLI not oc'd. Using Nv recommended SLI settings in NvCP. Newest driver, all previous versions uninstalled- then deleted.

16 gigs DDR3 1600


GTA5 settings : 1080p, Full screen, AA-off, Vsync off, everything else is on High, full screen mode, nothing on in advanced graphics.

NvCP 3d settings/gta5.exe: AA off. Vsync off. Max Performance. SLI on.

RTSS Frame limit set to 190fps.

Windows power options: max performance.

Using ShadowPlay FPS counter.


The In-game benchmark runs. however, in SLI just the FPS overlay shows on on a black screen. FPS are the same as with SLI off. Switched cards, same result.

Cut scenes show a very high fps. After the player spawns and controls become usable the FPS drops as low as with SLI turned off.

Overall in GTA5, with SLI on, fps are the same as with SLI off.

Tried windowed mode too, results are the same.

No input lag that I can measure.

Game runs fine with SLI off.


Both cards are identical and are running identical user settings.

No clocks or voltages are being throttled in my GPU's.

No clocks or voltages are being throttled in my CPU.

Using a DMM, the 12v rail shows a consistent 12.13v with both cards running under full load. Switched PS modular plugs around (8 pin to 6+2 pin)

My Kill-A-Watt shows 432 watts power consumption with full loading.


Valley and Heaven benchmarks showed at least a 1000 point improvement, 3D gaming improvement is meh to nothing in GTA5, in fact I don't see any overall improvement in both the GPU intense game Tomb R***** and the CPU intensive FC4.

All graphic card reviews I've seen show 2- 970's in SLI are a 980 killer in most games.


Why is my 3d gaming FPS in SLI so MEH?

Has anyone had the same issue with GTA5 in SLI?

Did I forget to install the SLI bridge? -nope

I've never used SLI until yesterday.

Edited by stretchx9
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I had a pretty crap time with a multi GPU setup many years ago. I often recommend against them, while funnily enough I just went SLI a couple of weeks back (temporarily, Ill be putting the 2nd card into someone else's machine next week).


The graphs make it seem so appealing ;p The actual performance difference isnt great IMO. I need to run everything in borderless window mode thanks to SLI which costs a little performance. In the likes of Thief, the difference was from maxed settings in 1600p, single card got an average of 50fps, SLI got 54fps. GTA V shows only slightly better gains, but hardly >10fps (or turning on maxed shadow settings while keeping same fps). Its not worth it at all!


Will be putting in a single Fury X or 980ti in the coming weeks and I am confident that no matter what the graphs show, Im going to be glad to get back to 1 strong GPU

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gtx 970 has known sli issues.... I use two 660 ti without issues

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SLI is working great now, just needed a simple adjustment because of a driver issue. Still get a few real low fps at 1440p and I was having a good time @ full 4K/DSR reaching 50-55fps instead an unplayable 17fps like before until I hit the infamous GTX970 3.5 gig Vmem limit. No stutters, jaggies, tearing or shader pop-ins. Tomb R***** runs 99+ fps continuous @ 1440p, FC4 has been broken since day1 and will never will run smooth at any resolution. I hope the DX12 will improve Dx11 games by some margin however, GTA5 is running on my rig with at least 40% utilization on all 8 cores.

I would have gotten a 980ti but I wanted liquid cooling plus a better motherboard and my budget only allowed for a second 970. Best investment was the liquid cooler; runs Prime95 @44c on my 8350 with a 5ghz OC.

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