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Alcon.Inc is now recruiting!


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Hello Guys and Girls,

Our crew Alcon.Inc is now recruiting! If your looking for a brand new crew to join or already have a crew but want to leave Please come and see us!! We are a very intimate crew that listens to every crew member. When we are recruiting we like to use this to help us out " Join Alcon.Inc for a crew that you can trust. A crew that listens to you. A crew that fights for you and a crew that accepts any brother." all of that is true.

We have specialist in the crew for each topic. Want to get better at marksmanship? Join us!, Want to learn how to drive better or fly better? Join us! If you are just looking to make as much money as possible and rank up well we will work with you intimately to rank you up!

Who are we? Alcon.Inc is a Intimate crew with two joint leaders. The crew name comes from both leaders names and is put together to create Alcon. We tag ourselves as thrill seekers. The reason for this is because we are always doing something different every time we play. Sadly the two leaders are only on PS3 but we both insist that the crew carries over to next gen consoles and PC even without us!

This is a great opportunity to join a crew that listens to you and acknowledges request, ideas, issues and questions! Even though we speak English we will try our best to understand anyone from any country!

If this sounds like a crew you would like to join then go ahead and contact and join us today!!

Contact details-
Twitter- @Alcon_Inc
Social Club- Search 'Alcon Inc'
PS3- connor_579

Thanks for reading and we hope to see your sporting the ACIN tag and logo around Los Santos!!

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