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Installing folders in OpenIV


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Please excuse the noob question. But how do you install a folder into OpenIV without having to transfer each and every file one by one. An example: I want to replace the existing "scripts" folder with a mod that is to replace the whole folder. But I can't just drag and drop OR hit "replace" I have to go into the mods "scripts" folder and add the files one by one into the folder. It would make it a lot easier when the mod has folders inside folders. please help.


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I'm not sure if this is what you want, I made it so I could code faster so I didn't have to keep moving my dll to my script folder

If you have multiple files.... just open multiples of this app and set every file.


Edited by Enumerator
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as your wish!


A virtual file system, it supports rewriting any resource file to /GTA V/packages/,



If your file is in *.rpf, you may use OpenIV.asi in root path


example: (package.config)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<import targetDir="x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf" file="vehicles_banshee_interior.ytd" />
<import targetDir="update\update.rpf\common\data" file="handling.meta" />
Edited by var
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  • 2 weeks later...

I am FAR too dumb for this. In most instructions for mods it says to just drag and drop the files into the necessary places in OpenIV. Well for whatever reason, OpenIV does not let me drag and drop anything, never has. So I add them in manually. In doing this I can't just click "add" with a folder. I have to create the folder within OpenIV and drop the files inside one by one. I was just wondering if anyone knew why, or if anyone else had a similar issue.
I don't know detailed computer language. I have no idea how to create things on my own. I can change existing things like eye color or an image on a shirt. Thats about it. But hey, it's a start.

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