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Join the DARK Network Today! More Than A Crew....


Recommended Posts

This time last year I made a post on this very forum to recruit new blood for our new-founded crew: The UK Dark Knights. Within the next few days we achieved the triple figure mark - but it didn't stop there. Throughout 2014 and 2015 we have established ourselves a network for gamers in the GTA community, no matter who they are, where they come from or what their interests may be.

Here is a list of our achievements so far as the UK DARK KNIGHTS: Check out the links and see for yourself!

UK Dark Knights R* Social Club (Sony)

UK Dark Knights R* Social Club (XBOX)

UK Dark Knights Forum/News Website


UK Dark Knights YouTube Channel


DARK Network Website


The UK Dark Knights cater to everyone's interests: DM's, Races, Missions & Heists, Free-Roam, Piloting, YouTube Footage, Photography...and there are always members online who are more than happy to help you rank up/earn money and most of all provide that added protection in free roam lobbies.
Our Network! Slaaging It Up....
A number of active members from DARK have also created further crews to diversify ourselves and broaden our horizons: and we've had such fun. We think you will too...
* New crew in town, founded by the illustrious and rather dashing Furber (Owl in the tweed jacket) - Sorry...he's already spoken for by the Cheeky Raccoon.
* Missions, DM's, Races, Heists....like DARK, there's no limit to what can be achieved here.
* We do regular ride-outs in free-roam, and believe us it doesn't take long before achieve total ground and aerial domination in lobbies. Why?
* Another crew added to our network, founded by Mr J Shaw (Mr Fox Shaw).
* Crew for up and coming pilots in GTA - Shaw regularly hosts merge dogfights for the enthusiast.
* A number of experienced pilots in the ranks.
Here are all the details you need if you fancy joining any of these crews - or even all of them!
2. ANIMAL MASKS REQUIRED FOR SLAAGS (E.g. Owl, Fox, Raccoon, Bear etc..)
DARK Network (Commissioner, Secretary & Raccoon)
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This Furber of which you speak sounds like an amazing fellow.

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Come and join our awesome crew guys and girls !! (I must be up for Commissioner by now :lol: )

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The main PlayStation crew is nearly 900 members strong, the Xbox crew is near 150. The MC crew will be closing the doors at around the 100 mark, so applicants need to be quick before we run out of space!

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No mate. We are truly international! You are more than welcome to join, you won't be the only American by far!

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Just a friendly reminder regarding bumping: you need to limit it to once a week, and the post that bumps the thread should be constructive. Read the Recruitment Rules for more details.



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No problem, I'm brand new on these forums! I'll check out the rules and be sure to follow them in future. Thanks for the heads up!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, it has been a week - and we have had a surge in the number of invite requests for UK Dark Knights (Sony). Remember, the DARK Network is available to users on all machines as we even have a few newbies on PC too. Just check the links in the original post to find your suitable crew....


This is our current setup...

UK Dark Knights (Playstation) - PS3, PS4, New PC members have been joining this crew.

UK Dark Knights (XL) - XBOX 360 and XBOX One

Wobbly Slaags - PS4


Also, some of you have been asking whether recruitment is open to non-UK gamers. The answer is of course.....we have members from the USA, Germany, Japan, Finland and India. We have a global outreach and we hope that you will join us no matter where you are from.

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I requested an invite,hope to get accepted :)


If this is a bump then sorry,I didn't know it would count as one.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Numbers have been increasing steadily, thank you to all those who have shown interest.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is our final push we will be making on here for our Sony crew as numbers slowly creeping up to 1,000 - very active crew on PS3 and PS4 now. XBOX and PC users can also find themselves a spot in one of our crews too. Just click on the correct link in the first post. Our only rule is that we do not tolerate crew killing. Reminder that we recruit internationally too, our latest recruits being from the USA and Denmark.

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