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My letter to R * regarding the creator

Izzy Glitch

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Izzy Glitch

Dear R*,

The creator has become unusable since this recent Ill Gotten Gains Update Pt1. To be specific, we can no longer stack props, . This is a very big problem. Not only can we not stack props we also cannot place any weapons, vehicles, start points or spawn points on the props either. The props that are not supposed to move {like the Ramp} have had they're purposes defeated by being able to be pushed by vehicles and other impacts.


Other issues are that of the memory limit being exceeded prematuraly, the checkpoints in races are no longer able to be edited, and we are no longer able to Jump or climb while creating in the creator. This severly limits our ability to create freely and accurately in the creator. Also, the raining weather setting has been removed.


Furthermore, there are changes to the creator that have been done deliberatly that have upset many of us in the creator and would like to have them reverted to thier original settings. These are the ability to build inside interiors and the removal of wanted levels while testing a job. The cops showing up while testing a job have never been a problem due to our characters being invinsible in the creator. We are now unable to create a job that requires the police smoothly as they are no longer present.


We in the GTA Gaming Community LOVE INTERIORS. We want to be able to build under bridges, inside tunnels, and inside buildings again. Its so much fun experiencing these places its a nice change of scenery and we miss being able to do so. We miss the hospital and the night club and being able to crash into the IAA building office window!


Please help us and fix these problems. The main reason many of us play online is so we can enjoy each others creations which you have allowed us to do. We love your work R*, let us enjoy our work in the creator as im sure you guys like to see our creations as well!

One of your greatest fans,


I am not Kissing their ass. Im just simply showing respect i have for them because i do love their games post State of Emergency.

I decided to only include the things we care about the most. Please feel free to send your own unique message to them by sending an e-mail to this address.-----


[email protected]

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Go for it man. All these little things add up to a big thing. Ignore any detractors who say it's all for naught. Haters always gonna hate.

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