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Mongols MC Paleto Bay (for PC) is an online MC founded by a real biker who wishes to change the way MC's are handled in GTA Online. Passionate about the MC life, founder McGillicuddyap has created an MC based around, trust, loyalty, hardwork and recognition. It brings the roleplaying to a new level. Too many MC's in the GTA community have forgotten what the "M" in "MC" stands for. At the heart of this Mongols charter is the love of motorcycles and riding. We ride, do missions and war against rivals, all while forgering a brotherhood. This is the essence of who we are.




We are looking for dedicated members who want to earn their patch. We are in a unique position now where as a recenlty founded MC we have leadership positions available to be considered for. Check out our SC page and website links at the bottom of this post to contact us. The following list of criteria for prospecting is pulled from our website:


1. Have a working microphone.


2. Be 16 years of age or older. Even though 16 is the minimum age to prospect, we will not tolerate immaturity. We are trying to build a well equipped organization that commands the respect of GTA MC's worldwide. We do not have time for childish games or trolls.


3. Link your GFWL to your social club account. NO EXCEPTIONS.


4. Request to join our prospect chapter located by clicking http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mongols_pc_prospect


5. Once you join the prospect chapter you will be assigned a mentor from the mother charter. This person will walk you throught he protocols and procedures that you need to be familiar with to be successful in this organization. We do not just anyone off the street wear our patch; it has to be earned.


6. There is no set period of probation for a prospect. In some cases one persons prospecting phase will be quicker than others. This depends entirely on the prospect, their level of activity and commitment to the group as well as their maturity. For a prospect to be voted in as a full patched member the vote must be unanimous. Votes are held at Church every week for prospects we feel are ready.


7. Do not (under any circumstance) ask to be patched in. We are constantly evaluating you, your maturity and your commitment to us. You will be voted on by the club when we feel you are ready or when your sponsor feels you are ready.


8. There is a clear chain of command in this organization. If you have a problem or a question then ask your sponsor or the club VP.


9. Start adding club members and other prospects as friends on PSN and RSC. The sooner we get to know you the better. Your activity or lack thereof will be noticed!


10. Work hard, be loyal and be mature and you will earn your patch.


How to Join

1. Check out our website: http://mongolsmcpc.wix.com/paleto

2. Request to join our prospect chapter: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mongols_pc_prospect

3. Post here giving us a heads up you have done steps 1 & 2.

4. Start adding club officers as friends on GFWL and RSC.

5. We are currently recruiting leadership positions. If you think you would make a good club officer email us to set up an interview: [email protected]

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