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WTF? Disappearing peds...and other disappearing things...


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Ok so I started the game up.....it started as Michael sitting on a bench at the beach, apparently being bitched out by a lifeguard for him smoking a cigar.....he yells at him "SO YOU THINK I AM GOING TO BURN THIS UP????? THIS BEACH IS JUST ONE BIG ASHTRAY!!!" and he throws the cigar at him. Rightly so.....lifeguard is lecturing Michael for smoking a cigar, and there are two different groups of people burning a fire on the beach?? Idiot.

Lifeguard dude turns and walks across the beach to his little lifeguard hut.
I followed him. Once lifeguard idiot gets to the hut he turns and stands there. I walked past him about 5 feet and turn around.

And he is gone.

My, people come and go so quickly here!


I have encountered far too many instances like this. Most often it seems to be cops who disappear for some reason.

It ruins the continuity and immersion-quality of the game.

The whole point of immersion is to make the player feel like he is dealing with the real world, and sh*t like this f*cks that experience up.

I can see it if it is a dead body. Sure...let it lay there for awhile, then let it disappear. Or if you go more than about 500 or 1,000 feet from a ped, or around the block or something.

But when you are right there within 5 feet of it?

And it is not just peds. I have gone out to the airport to steal a jumbo jet. I will be 100 feet from the jumbo jet, and will look away for just a second, and when I look back, it is gone.

Just one thing (out of almost none) about this game that bothers me.

Edited by BigBadMF
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Lethal Vaccine

Guy walks away from Car and turns his back. Vehicle vanishes. This happens since September 2013...


Unlike the 3D Era, where you would be able to literally leave a Vehicle in memory in lets say Portland, while you are driving around or walking around in Shoreside Vale.


They don't make 'em like they used to, that's for sure...

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For some reason, things disappear easily now, where the games back then, they were still there.

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The Ghost 206

For me it will be cars..ill be on foot and i see a car i want driving ill try to catch up with it they will hit a corner get out of my sight for like 2 seconds and it vanished..its been happening since gta 4

Edited by The Ghost 206
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