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B Dawg

The only TLAD mod

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B Dawg

BikeNBat: This script allows you to use a baseball bat on a bike, which interacts with pedestrians and vehicles. Not map objects.





Everyone is modding the sh*t out of GTA V but nobody is touching the IV trio :( Are changes to TLAD Gangwars/TBOGT Drugwars/Races even possible?

Edited by B Dawg

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Seeing as TLAD is the least played out of the three (imo). I'd say more mods are on TBoGT and IV. Also, people are throwing mods left right and centre for V because it's new.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

I know this has been inactive for three years, but is there any live link for this mod? Found it.

It's a cool feature. However, that kind of explosion/fire, or whatever it is, that appears when hitting vehicles, wasn't really a necessary. It could've been better if it was optional. Also, the fact that its author made it damages vehicles. It's cool that he wanted to make it a little interacting with vehicles, but as it's random, I hoped if he made it optional too.


Damn, that would be cool if someone could make a mod that gives us the ability to hit pedestrians during road rashes.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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Link is not working anymore. Does anyone have alternative download source?

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Thanks. Thuogh I can't make it work. I try to use this in TLAD as DLC, not EFLC.

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Nevermind. I was missing ScriptHookDotNet.asi

It's all good now, except it rains also in interiors. Known bug, for which there's no fix.

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