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Is it worth it? [Steam Sale]


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I know most of you have heard this question time after time, however, I'd like to know some opinions since the hype for the PC release has died down quite a bit.

As some of you know, GTA V is part of the Steam Summer sales. It dropped about $20 in my currency. The deal includes a copy of the PC version of GTA V & a Shark Card worth 1.2 million. I'm intrigued, but I'm not feeling too confident in making the purchase. Seeing as the deal ends in a little less than a week, I want to see if it's worth buying the game once more.

I already own the special edition on the Xbox 360 & a copy for the Xbox One. I play it regularly & the thing that really draws me in is the editor, since I absolutely love taking pictures of my cars & the editor can provide better angles & quality, but I'm not sure if it's enough. Let me know your thoughts. Should I buy the game for a third time or just wait for an even better deal?

Edited by RamiV2
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Since you have it on the Xbox One, the editor is coming to consoles sometime this summer (maybe the next update of ill gotten gains?)

If really want to get your hands on the editor then it's a good deal to buy.

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If you have a PC that is capable of handling higher graphics settings than what your current gen console can do, then it MAY be worth it. But thats very subjective.


Besides that, go watch a movie or something with popcorn drinks and other snacks with that money.

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Well it depends. If you're confident that it'll graphically leave the Xbox One in the dust (GTX 760 or higher), then it's worth it. But if you're only going for the editor, just wait for the update to come for CG consoles.

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You need decent PC to run this game with good fps/graphic.
V want good CPU, at least Sandy i5, 8GB memory and mid range GPU(270x, 280x, 760, 680 770, 960 etc), i dont say you cant play with slower PC, if you ok with 30fps and lower graphics you can play it with little slower PC.
PC vs Xbox One game should be pretty same, if you have powerful PC then better fps and graphic+KB mouse support.
Depends how much you want editor(if you dont care about KB+mouse, better graphics[you need good PC] then this game is same as in XBOX ONE), if you can wait then wait, it go cheaper(but probably not soon).

Edited by orcdog
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