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Verbal warning button use.


Go to solution Solved by RedDagger,

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So log in tonight and I see I have been given a verbal warning. I was thinking "Was I drunk and talking smack and forgot. Did I honestly hurt someone's feelings, did I do something dastardly?" I had gotten the following warning because of making a comment about fictional characters Jimmy's weight contributing to the difficulty of the mission.
Don't bump posts without adding anything worthwhile to them.

Entry added by Raavi. Type: Verbal Warning. In: How do i pass Quick Catch in the Father/Son mission?.
Given 1 points - expire on Jul 15 2015 09:38 AM.

Is this really necessary? Over a fat joke and not helping the guy get the mission done. And if I Necro'd the thread then I'm sorry but I don't read dates next to each and every thread. This is purely being singled out over something stupid.
Forum moderators are doing this more and more often. You could have easily replied to me right in the topic not to do it instead of this automated "god button" TY.
Edited by Ratsorizzo
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It's in the Help & Support section, so bumping a topic with a post that isn't asking for help or providing support (i.e. non-contributory) is generally against the forum rules:

No Spam Off-topic, nonsensical, one word or otherwise pointless and non-contributory posts, double posting is frowned upon, and only allowed if necessary. Do not bump a topic unless needed.

(Bolding the relevant parts)

Edited by RedDagger


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I can see how that applies, I guess maybe my style of humor took a beating. :p

He could have just called me out over it in topic. I hate automated discipline.

Edited by Ratsorizzo
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  • Solution

That would just add another pointless post, though - this is what the warning/post removal system is for.

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Whilst the warning was linked to that one post in all actuality it was for 3 separate instances of 'improperly' bumping a thread, more specifically for not adding something substantial / wholly irrelevant to it. Case in point "Fat jimmy" in a Help & Support thread.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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