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GTA 5 PC crashed during gameplay


Go to solution Solved by YourWorstSausage,

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Maybe this topic has been put as post on GTA forums before, but I thought like: "let us give it a try....again". My problem with GTA 5 online AND the single missions is that the game crashes after playing it for 15 or 20 minutes for unknown reasons. After this I see a small frame in my screen that says something like: "Due to a problem, GTA has been stopped". Or words in similair expression......


Now, I have read many socalled "solutions" but nothing worked so far for me. I even changed my processor into one with a faster GHZ clock speed. By now it is impossible the problem is in my PC system, because I am using an updated graphic card Nvidia GTX 750 ti, memory 8 GB, 64 bits, windows 8.1, processor i5 4670 3,4 GHZ.


My question is....is there a real solution at this moment for this problem? And ofcourse.....what is the problem? Some say its a memory leak and some say something else....with other words everybody thinks he/she knows the solution, but at the end its not working.


Last of all....GTA 5 is a supergame. The graphics are top, the best I have seen so far and the possibilities during the online gameplay are numerous. This should make the game such a blast to play.....except......ofcourse the problem as mentioned above.


Ofcourse.....is there anyone out there on the internet that can help me or should I wait forever for an update by cockstar....excuse me, Rockstar?


Thanks in advance.



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For future reference, it would be nice if you could post the solution, thanks!


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  • Solution

Well, I watched this video. I discovered that my NVidia graphic card was the blame for the crashes of GTA 5 PC online. It seemed that a driver of my graphic card, called nvwgf2umx.dll, was the blame for everything. This video solved it all.


In this video the problem is explained by another file, read driver......but it is the same solution that worked for me:







Cheers and good luck and have fun with GTA 5 !!!!

Edited by YourWorstSausage
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