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Bad Exp playing Tennis today [PS3]


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So, as usual I was doing daily objectives. One was unfortunately "Play a match of Tennis". (Where's play a game of tennis Rockstar? >_>) Me and my friend had a pain playing due to the tennis glitching out for the whomever was serving. Every shot (including high or full power) shot was a "Fault" even when it clearly went over the net. Even after 2 faults it sometimes didn't double fault, it would take 3 but once it took 7 faults! It dbl faulted normally on 2 if you auto faulted (Not serving after 30 seconds). Thanks to this it prolonged the time taken to finish the match. I eventually got a sweet spot to serve but it still counted as fault a few times. Anyone else play tennis today or after ill gotten gains? Did we just have bad luck with the servers or is tennis really messed up?

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I had the same issue in my first match after the update's release, I thought it was my internet or something like that, but i've never had this kind of trouble before, it didnt matter how bad my connection was... So yea glad Im not the only one with this, but sad to know that one of my fav minigames has got [potentially] messed up.

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Tennis on PS4 is fine. You do know that you have to aim for the side of the court in which the other player is in right? Serving a shot and making it go across the line to the other side of the court counts as a fault. Comes to show that PS3 is having real problems with Keeping up.

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… PS3 is having real problems with Keeping up.

Yes, let's blame the console's being out-of-date even though tennis worked fine on it before IGG.

Edited by cdjen93
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Same thing happened to me yesterday and the guy I was playing said its been happening since the update.

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