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Homemade Dynamite

Battlebots 2015

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Homemade Dynamite

I'm sure some of you may have remembered a robot fighting show that aired on Comedy Central from 2000-2002 before being unfortunately cancelled (which was a shame because it ended just before the independent robot fighting scene really took off). Well, after over a decade later, it's being revived on ABC, set to air the 21st of this month.




It will feature vastly improved, more powerful robots with weight classes removed entirely. The original Battlebots was cancelled because it drove too many people away by focusing less on the fights and more on comedy sketches and player backstories. Lets hope they don't repeat that mistake.




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Bump. Because I watched this and Robot Wars in the early 2000s, and this show deserves more views. Second series (2016) concluded, and we're waiting for the third series. Robot Wars UK got renewed as well in 2016. It seems robot combat is back on the television! There were a lot of good fights this year.

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Can this thread be merged/retitled to cover the UK Robot Wars show as well? Maybe renaming it Robotic Combat - Robot Wars (UK) / Battlebots (US). Battlebots Series 3 hasn't gotten renewed yet and there are rumors that it may be cancelled. Robot Wars however, is ongoing, and already confirmed another series.


And anyone who is unfamiliar with what the hell this is, here's a few videos from Battlebots. 250lb/~115kg robots destroying each other.





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