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Changing audio for users talking on mics


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I just bought an Xbox one (yay me, right?) When i loaded into GTA online i found that when i do not have a headset plugged in other players talking are very loud and come through directly into my TV set.


If possible, how can i change this so that microphone users only come through to my headset regardless if its connected or not? (sometimes i like to play gta online with sound but not have my headset connected)


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You can't because Microsoft decided it was OK to launch One without a bunch of stuff 360 could do (including routing audio and streaming music from a NAS/USB in-game).


Go into your interactive menu and set Free Mode Chat to <Nobody> (or whatever you prefer - I use Crew+Friends). Or just plug your headset in and throw it on the floor.


You'll still get a 3-5s clip if you kill someone (or they kill you) and they're using a mic.

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That's so stupid! Argh, so annoying listening to children on an adult game when i don't want/need to.

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Blame R*, who have an obligation to us to keep f*cking squeakers out but don't because money.


And Microsoft who were scared of a huge PS4 lead.

Edited by Gridl0k
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I just tend to use Kinect and start a party with just myself.


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You can mute the player or chose to only chat with friends. The new Xbox One controller that is being released soon will finally include console options to adjust chat volumes.

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