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Amphibious Vehicles in GTA Online


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I thought it would be great to have amphibious vehicles in gta online (and no I do not mean submarines) basically an amphibious car would be like a boat hull with wheels or tracks with large groves in them to work as a propeller. I remember riding in one when I was like 4 or something It was very cool, believe it or not they are not much bigger than your average truck so I would be storable (yes there are some VERY big ones but those are meant for tours with tons of people) I saw the real prices of these and the most expensive one was 40,000 and that was a 4 seater with 2 pairs of tracks on each side. If you don't believe there real look up amphibious atvs online (if you type in amphibious cars you will get a bunch of James Bond type stuff that could be fake). In real life they are fairly cheap and based on that in gta I would expect a 200,000-300,000 dollar price for a 4 seater. and if rockstar really wants to go crazy why not add those amphibious troop transports with the big 50. cals on the front that made people go deaf who rode in them during world war 2. These are all just IDEAS don't get mad and say a bunch of stuff about this being a terrible idea, I would like to hear peoples ideas as I would prefer what is basically a boat in my garage and just in case you get chased by cops and your In the hills and you come upon a deep lake as they are often both off roaders and on roaders. And to balance them with already in game boats it should not be able to go a certain distance from the shoreline (as they are usually like I said the size of your average truck and would be tipped over by big waves)

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just looked it up and apparently someone made an amphibious rv (terrible idea) but pretty interesting.

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so I would be storable

Where would we store you exactly? lol jk I couldn't resist.

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so I would be storable

Where would we store you exactly? lol jk I couldn't resist.


if its a garage vehicle were talking about, that is becoming a good question

at the moment i coud realy use 2 extra garages

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Another topic you made without researching OP? Inb4 lock.

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