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On behalf of the administration of the Florida Highway Patrol, Palm Beach Fire & EMS, Palm Beach Police, and Florida Bureau of Investigations, welcome to this community recruiting outreach. Are you looking to join a realistic LCPDFR role-play clan for GTA4? We are one of the fastest growing active LCPDFR clans. We have an experienced leadership team and community comprised of members with real word experience and industry knowledge. Our patrols are fun and interesting while maintaining a professional nature. Our clan has a balanced administration that allows us to continue to grow and prosper by doing away with petty member problems that plague other clans. Feel free to check us out, we would love to have you!


Deputy Commissioner Tanbrad

Florida Highway Patrol




Do you have experience in another LCPDFR clan? Are you looking for a clan that has done away with problem members, power hungry, staff, or lackluster patrols? Look no further! We provide a CLAN TRANSFER PROGRAM that always qualified individuals to transfer out of their current clan and position and into a comparable department and position. Our program always qualified individuals to succeed within our clan without having to "jump through hoops". Interested in our clan transfer program? Simply fill out an application, and, at the first chance during your interview tell the recruitment services members you are interested in a clan transfer.




OUR WEBSITE: http://floridahp.enjin.com

APPLY HERE: http://floridahp.enjin.com/recruitment

Edited by Sparb
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I have had some questions about this and would like to elaborate. Yes, in most cases when you transfer from another clan your position is taken into consideration. In many cases, after a brief competency officer evaluation and policy training you are able to keep your acquire the same position or a comparable one. If you have any questions pertaining to this, feel free to contact within the forums, using out Enjin site, or by filling out the application linked above!

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Yes, as some of you may know, Shadows Alaska State Troopers did merge with the Florids Highway Patrol Clan. This puts our active members and patrol count through the roof. If you have a small struggling clan that might be interested in merging, feel free to contact me here or on our Enjin Site.


All the best,


Deputy Commissioner TanBrad

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