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New Crew, Italian Mafia Family, roleplay


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I am trying to start up a online crew that play`s like an italian mafia family.


The family i am trying to start up is called DeCavalcant Family. and is based on the DeCavalcante Family that was part of the Cosa Nostra.


We wil have a hirarchi like a mafia organisation with the boss on the top, the consiglieri and the under boss below him.


Then i wil make 3 members Capo. Each capo wil controll a group of (max 5) Soldiers.


The soldiers answers to the capo, the capo to the underboss, and so on.


We wil play more like roleplay, everyone wil be wearing suits, we wil talk to the members abow us on the hirarchi with respect, follow orders and everyone have to work their way up the ladder. showing loyalty to the boss and the family.


When we get more members we can also form a board of trusted members. this wil be a group of high respectet members, the boss, the under boss, the consiglieri and the best capos wil be in this board. This is the board that wil make decicions on behalf of the family, but when it comes to the end of the day. it wil be the boss who makes the decicions.


im thinking we wil try and make some kind of "heist" and missions in freemode. where soldiers, capos and so on wil have to do diffrent missons, from killing some guy that owns money to rob a bank or a shop, or even "deal weapons" with some other crew, or plant a bomb on a "politicians" car.


We wil also maybe arrange some kind of sitdowns with the capos, bosses and so on. its so many things we can come up with.



If someone thinks this kind of "roleplay" gamemode on gta online sounds cool.


send me a message, here or on the social club.


my nickname on SC is " dahlern90"


crew name DeCavalcant Family

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