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Anyone else despise the Julius Thruway?


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People drive too damn fast and are always smashing into you, unintentionally or sometimes intentionally...the mission Cop Wheels was a pain for that, especially on bikes, and when you get off the packer and need a car to get another bike and you attempt to take a car there's always some idiot who smashes into you, hell I just about missed getting kicked off my bike by this car that was on fire on the Thruway and it nearly swerved into me completely and it got hit with a taxi, and especially since it was my like 3rd attempt on the mission that would of drove me nuts.


I suppose it's realistic in terms of a real life highway, but does it annoy anybody else?


UPDATE: Just now I took a car, and I went on one of the exists, and my car caused a massive pile up with like 11 cars, when I first went on it was just me and a couple of other drivers, then somehow all these other drivers spawn, so bad you couldn't get through. I just ended up blowing them all up with the satchel charge and RPG.

Edited by Detective_Vice90
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If you mean the lightning fast movement of the vehicles on the highways appear like some magnets move when attracted toward another then yeah, its pretty annoying, and if you happen to crash it causes a pile up quickly, leading to a chain of hilarious explosions.

Its kind of funny as well annoying. I don't understand the reason why vehicles happen to drive so oddly on the highways.

Check the mod below:

Real Traffic fix

Edited by Osho
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That's San Andreas Freeway drivers for you. Seriously, I hate it as well.:)

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The entire state of San Andreas drives like sh*t. It's a pain when the damn police bump into me and give me a star because supposably i crashed into them...now that's just plain retarted. And also it's not just the people from SA everybody seems to have terrible driving in the game. Even if you go to Bone,County where it's peaceful and safe next thing you know you see like 10 cars piling up each other in the highway then people get mad and start to kill each other with weapons. I'ts pure madness and a pain during missions. I'm guessing R* was heading for a more realistic game-play of pedestrians driving but in a way they totally messed up and people are literally driving like if they were on crack or something.

Edited by GTA_The_Series
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  • 2 weeks later...

Just type 'GHOSTTOWN' and all the cars and pedestrians will be gone

Just type 'GHOSTTOWN' and all the cars and pedestrians will be gone

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Just type 'GHOSTTOWN' and all the cars and pedestrians will be gone

Just type 'GHOSTTOWN' and all the cars and pedestrians will be gone

Lol cheats suck, playing a game without cheats is better dude

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I actually like how the drivers in San Andreas crash so easily.

A Vehicle Insurers Dream. ;)

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