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Merry weather stock won't rise after The Third Way


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I invested in Merryweather after i received the mail from the CEO of Merryweather as it was recommended in this video



Currently i have a negative return of 24% after nearly skipping 4 weeks of game time and was wondering if anyone else have experienced this problem and if this particular stock investment even works



Thanks in Advance ;)

Edited by fenc0712
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Cutter De Blanc

It's never made me any significant profit. It doesn't seem to fluctuate alot.

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  • 1 month later...

Like GTASeriesVideos said in the video, it is the most risky investment in the game, and also the most profitable. Honestly, it's not risky but rather just a glitched stock which Rockstar cant be bothered to fix. However, there is a way around it, and that is this: Every time the stock rises (at least by .9%), quick save on the in-game phone, then check the stock again. It will usually have increased by 2-6 percent. Next, use the sleep (I prefer to use Franklin instead of Trevor just so I can be a little more precise) this should allow for the stock to gradually keep increasing. Whenever the stock increases, I would advise that you quick save again. If the stock goes down ever, reload the previous quick save. Keep doing this process until you get to around 110%. For me, it took 3 hours to complete, but hell, it is so satisfying once you have all the money possible in the game, and own everything. Hope I helped you.

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