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Grunt Corps MC looking for loyal members (PS4)


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Grunt Corps is an up and coming MC, composed of mainly Marine Corps veterans, although this is NOT a requirement. We accept anyone that is loyal. Loyalty in the crew is a MUST! I am mainly looking for individuals who are willing to help in the heierarchy positions right now, but are always open to having members join the ranks of our muscle.




We are trying to expand right now so we are constantly looking for new members to head up some possible new Chapters.


We have a crew website that has all of the information about the recruitment process. http://gruntcorpsmc.myfreesites.net/


I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining and helping this MC evolve into the top MC in the game. You can contact myself through either my rockstar social club account, or on my PSN, below are my usernames and helpfull links.


Rockstar social club username: adcaton

My PSN gamer tag is: HITP_Dawg




Crew/Gang Name: Grunt Corps


About: We are an up and coming Motorcycle Crew, comprised of mostly Marine Corps Veterans.


Leader Contact:http://socialclub.ro.../member/adcaton


Social Club Crew Link:http://socialclub.ro...rew/grunt_corps


Crew Website: http://gruntcorpsmc.myfreesites.net/


Platform(s): PS4


Games: GTA 5 Online

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I do not know what kik messenger is. Do you have a Rockstar social club account

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