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[SA|REL] EnhFuncs - Enhanced Functions (vehicles)

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I was thinking about carosery shake in hight speed as in GTA V. That can work on unmodded/modded cars.

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Hi! Junior how about wheel blur when vehicle moving? i think its awesome :D


Edited by zainur

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sry for bumping

i suggest you for this mod to add those features (im not greedy)

1-could you please integer all the features of vehicle special abilities except the hook of a trailers like a caravan (not the semi ones) into this mod

2-also could you make the feature of animated engine "at least vibrating engine" like in gta v "i know that i can do this via speaker function of this mod but not properly " i mean when engine off doesnt vibrates and when engine on vibrates and while the engine is on the more acceleration more vibration


i hope theyre are unique suggestion but the 1st suggestion is a priority over the other and thx for understanding

Edited by TFK640

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  • Improved the activation of functions. Also "LightlyRun" will be enabled by default in .ini file, because apparently besides leaving lighter mod, prevents functions not being activated.
  • Improved the enh_scoop function. Now the "butterfly" cover will open to the inverted way (the correct way now) and the car will swing a bit when accelerating.
  • Leiame.txt a bit updated, mainly because I said alternately to extract the cleo folder to ModLoader, which actually the right would be "some folder within the ModLoader". Perhaps it made some people install the mod wrong too.

Download it here


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Hollow Anderson

Hello Sir, I ask if it is possible than you add a feature for this awesome mod, as you know, the andromada plane has a special feature of open a back door and makes a cool sound of electric doors while they slowly opens.
There are a lot of mods than replaces andromada and uses this feature to add realistic stuff and make the mod more awesome, here are some examples:


Thanks for your attention and I hope than you can make this posible.
P.D. I tested your mod incorporating a hook on an added (not replaced) vehicle and worked very well... :)



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Hey, thank you for this mod, greatly enhanced my experience re-playing San Andreas after a long while.

I cannot figure out how to make a part rotate properly. I installed the rotating part of the Bandito behind the grill of a Regina and renamed it to 'enh gear'. When I get into test mode, unfortunately, it rotates around the wrong axis.

Is this a bug or do you have any tip how to adjust the rotation-axis?


Best regards,

Euda =)

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