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Story Time: Douche Bag Karma


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Recently, since the new Event has came out there are now new crate drops with new items like clothes, etc. Well, we had one in our lobby but here's the thing, there is a douche bag. You know those people who has a bad mental states and they kill everyone? Yeah, that's what a douche bag is.


His name was SupressedPeanut (Avatar was a girl, not sure if it's true Male probably.) he was still killing everyone as I saw from the feed, as this crate drop popup came in. The lobby was full at that time but SupressedPeanut stopped killing everyone and starting going to the airport (Where I was) the moment he saw me I was getting in my Besra he killed me and stole it. I got really pissed off at that time because I hate when someone steals you're Pegasus Vehicle and you can't even get it back. I decided to pause my game and go look where he is. He was going straight for a LAZER I could tell because he was going the direction towards it, I knew he would kill everyone before the Crate dropped so he could get to it first.


5 Minutes later, I hear that noise whenever you get a text, he destroyed it. He crashed it and is now in a LAZER, so I knew I was screwed. Then I remembered a tip for getting the crate faster, you have to get a Helicopter and go to the middle of the map and wait for it to drop. I decided to do that tip but I went really high up so that asshole wouldn't get me. I took the Frogger and went up, I went about midway until he noticed me. I saw in my Minimap he was heading towards me, I tried to go higher but he had the Homing missiles and I died.


Pissed off as ever, I called in for a Besra and went as fast as I could but he went off the radar. I saw his jet and tried to do flips and ended up crashing into the water. I spawned in the beach pier and given up on hope and I knew that I couldn't do it, there were no cars for me to run from and he kept killing me over and over until he left. The police were there so I took their car and called for another Besra but instead decided to go for a normal tactic.


My tactic is to call in the Besra and not go inside of in, but instead to wait it out then go off-radar and fly there. After calling it in, it shows the popup again saying 3 hours left. Waiting it out, I paused the game and pretended to be AFK but was looking in the minimap and found that he was targeting anyone who was in a plane, or helicopter. So I knew going off-radar was the only chance I got.


There it was, the Crate Drop Imbound. I saw in the minimap that he was heading towards it, so I did my tactic. Went off the radar, and went into my Besra and flew there. The location was near the Vinewood sign and he was close to it but was killing the players nearby. I jumped out and parachuted but died instantly from those guys defending the crate. As soon as I respawned panicked, I saw that he was next to me and killed me instantly, I respawned again but was no confident that I could get it. I ran towards the crate and I looked that noticed that he was trapped and couldn't get up. I was close to the crate but there was a guy infront of me and he was about to shoot me but then turned around and killed SupressedPeanuts for me. I couldn't believe it, was it luck? I killed him and got the crate and ended up getting the Fake Cracas (I forgot the name) T-Shirt. But not Firework Launcher Ammo, but I was okay with that. I forgot about SupressedPeanuts and was too focused about my item and he killed me. When I respawned he still shooting but I spawned on the cliff and was down a few feet. I was far away, then I went into cover and texted "You mad? That's what you get for being an ass." and ran into the street where I called my car. He killed me a couple times then I got to my car and drove off, getting shot a few times from him but I managed to escape and instantly he left the game.


Me with my new shirt! :D



That's what he deserves for being a douche bag to everyone. Karma is a bitch remember that Supressed Peanuts. Anyone else got a Karma Story?


Edit: Sorry for that bad grammar, I'm horrible at story telling..

Edited by Skull2knight
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