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[PS4] Hell's Angles MC Vinewood


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Hell's Angles Vinewood

Hell's Angels Vinewood is a Chapter of the Hell's Angels MC. We are a strict role play crew that follows the basic rules put in place by the Hell's Angels on real life. Everyone who joins should take the crew seriously as if it is an extension of real life. It is a brotherhood, we are all family. We will always be there for our brothers.



  • Must own a motorcycle (no street bikes)
  • Must follow any and all orders
  • No crew hopping is allowed(change tags and you're out)
  • Must be loyal to the club(It is a brotherhood)
  • Must attend meetings(miss 3 consecutive meetings and you're out)
  • Must wear path at all times(3 times seen without patch on an you're out)



  • Meetings are held on Fridays at 8PM EST
  • Majority rules on votes
  • If you can not attend a meeting you must tell Pres or VP 2 hours ahead of time.(you'll still get a vote)
  • Must arrive at meetings on a bike
  • Prospects stay outside and watch the bikes


  • Prospecting takes 1 week
  • You must be active 7 days
  • You will prove your loyalty in this time
  • You must be voted in



You can also join a hangaround crew if you want to hang with the club with out being fully in.


If you want to join, Message BossNGrazo on ps4.

Edited by verbatimguitar
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Hey if you need officers id be interested in joining your MC im 25 I have a mic and I have had leadership roles before if you have kik mine is twaughthammer66

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ive been interested in an MC, I noticed something saying 7 days a week do I need to be on EVERY DAY so 24/7? as I will almost never be on for all 7 days of a week

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ive been interested in an MC, I noticed something saying 7 days a week do I need to be on EVERY DAY so 24/7? as I will almost never be on for all 7 days of a week

You don't have to be on everyday, just need to be active. the "7 day" comment was for prospecting. Prospecting is 1 week meaning 7 active days, no 7 days with 4 active days. If youre interested my psn is BossNGrazo and my kik is sscimmature


Just started a hangaround crew too, for people who want to hang with us and support the club but don't want to be completely in. Here's the emblem for that.



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