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GTA V [sp] vs GTA Online


GTA V vs GTA Online  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one do you prefer?

    • GTA V [single player]
    • GTA Online

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Just a simple question. GTA V single player mode or GTA Online? Which of the two you prefer and why? Please share your thoughts and vote :)

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Singleplayer. It feels more alive and there's other things to do.


There's a lot more traffic and pedestrians

There's cheat codes when you just want to mess around or do something you can't normally do

You can enter some interiors like the police station

There's more objects placed around the map, in GTA Online they're removed


Also you don't have to worry about getting killed out of nowhere by someone in a Hydra, tank, Insurgent, or something else.

Edited by GamesBoy316
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Singleplayer all the way for me. I happen to enjoy a good immersive open-world gaming experience in peace without being swarm attacked and blown to bits by griefers, trolls, and fanboys!

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Both of them are great.

This but I still voted SP. I can't play Online but I really don't care because SP is already providing me a lot of entertainment.

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I play a load of Online, but when I feel like walking around and being immersed into Southern San Andreas, it has to be Story Mode.

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Story mode vs Online thread posted in the Story Mode section, wonder what's going to win?

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Big Gta fan

I really wanted to vote for both games,and since i can't choose both,i chose sp,because i can't deny how much fun i had from a 60 dollar game.

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GTA 5 is piece of crap and GTA: Online is bigger piece of crap. Choose one.


Just kidding. Online wouldn't be so bad if it had better community. SP needs more criminal activities because it's getting boring after achieving 100% , that's the only thing what this game lacks.

Edited by Flafty
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Algonquin Assassin

Single player despite that it's disappointing IMO. I gave GTAO another chance on XB1 and whilst it was fun for a while it wasn't enough to sustain my interest.


Single player is the lesser of the two evils, but neither are particularly "great".

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GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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Single player.


Online has been fun, but given the choice of only sp or online and my choice would be single player. That makes sp better than online for me.

Edited by jazzbone
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Oh, this is going to convince Rockstar. They're gonna see this poll and be like "OH MY GOD FANS WANT SINGLE PLAYER AND HATE ONLINE NOW WE UNDERSTAND HOW FOOLISH WE'VE BEEN WE WERE WRONG ALL ALONG".


Things will be different now. You'll see...

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In Single player there is complete freedom for everything. So, I vote for it.

In MMOnline, you have every type of dedicated retard to kill your enjoyment, so no.

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As an SP Player for Life, I'm going for SP all the way, despite my disappointments with it.

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im a single player kind of guy , but multiplayer in gta v is way better. they shoulda put all that work into sp

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I like Online if I'm playing with friends, but SP is much better. GTA Online has some massive game play downgrades which take away from the immersion.

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There is already alot of threads like these, use the search bar for gods sake.

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Nah nah nah Gta 6

Hard choice, they're both great.


SP- Has a story, great characters, mods, do whatever you want without punishments


Online- More replay value, play with friends, and some exclusive features.

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GTA should be a singleplayer game, as it has been from the start up until GTA IV. In IV, singleplayer remained focal and MP was just an addition for either more arcade-like gameplay or some fun with friends. GTAO is good but takes away the focus from the singleplayer, and lacks a mode where you can have fun without having to worry about money.

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Online burn it to the ground!!!!!!!

SP FTW!!!!!!!

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