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Your First GTA

Niko Montana

Recommended Posts

GTA 1 in 2001, it was one of the first games i've played, pretty much because of the cars and shooting.

Man ... i've spended a lot of time driving the "2-striped sports car" aka Beast GTS and the "car with big wheels" aka Big Bug.


Well .... i was very bad at that game, but i had a lot of fun.

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My first GTA was GTA 1 back in 2002 for the PS1, then I had a PS2 for Christmas 2 years later and received GTA San Andreas as a gift. Played the hell out of both games and I still play the latter on PC today.


I bought GTA V 3 times, for the PS3, PS4 and most recently for PC.

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My first one was GTA III on PS2, but i couldn't play it because i had aprox 5 years old and also the disc was pirated and ended up getting damaged, then a few years later i downloaded it and finaly i could play it.

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GTA 2 for the PSOne back in 2005. I didn't liked it so much because English is not my first language, so I had no idea of what to do or where to go. I used to input cheats and create chaos, but I never liked doing it as I got bored fast.

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First one I played was Grand Theft Auto back in 1997, as a demo for the PC. I was living in a Childrens Home and had to smuggle the game into the Game and play when Staffs backs were turned, I got a PS in 98 or 99 and had GTA for that as well as the London addons. I never got into GTA 2 that much.


I played III, VC and San Andreas on and off for years and a couple of years ago I found an old PS2 kicking about the house went out and re-invested in III, VC, SA, VCS and LCS for which I paid about £15 for the lot.

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On 4/15/2016 at 8:59 PM, adamcs said:

I bought another game in 1997 (might have been FIFA 97!) which came with a demo disc which had GTA on it. It had a 3 minute time limit! Bought the full game for PC the following week.

That three minutes limit instantly reminded me of the timed demo for GTA 2 included on the "99.2" mixtape from Moving Shadow , and it was an official one !

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First one I played was GTA III at my brothers friends house around 2002, way back when I was about 9 lol. 

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I've 3 possible replies to this question... My 1st ever GTA was the original Grand Theft Auto on my dad's PS1. I was just 4 years old at that time and of course I didn't know a word of English. I played every single racing title that my dad had in his library when one day I noticed a game called Grand Theft Auto... I didn't know what the hell "Grand Theft" meaned in Italian, but the word "Auto" (which has the same meaning and usage in Italian) made me understand that there were cars in it. Played for a bit, then in my mind I thought: "Damn, this game is awful, how can you properly control a car with this stupid camera?". And I went back playing Gran Turismo.


After more or less 10 years (I was at my last year of middle schools) I heard a lot of my classmates talking about the teaser trailer of a game called GTA V... I had (and I still have) an awful connection and, considering also my age, I wasn't informed at all regarding the general videogame industry. When I heard GTA V for the first time, I thought: "Wait wait I've already seen somewhere a GTA. Could it be the the 5th chapter of that game I played when I was 4? Nah, it can't have had so much success". So when I got back from school I immediately did a search on the internet and I figuered out that GTA V wasn't just the 5th chapter of the GTA Series! Then I saw GTA V trailer and initially I couldn't believe how the GTA franchise evolved from GTA 1.

At that point I wanted to try to see how other chapters looked like and, considering that I had a quite good PC and a PSP, I decided to download 2 of them via uTorr... Errr, I mean, I decided to buy them. Those chapters were GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA IV.

GTA Liberty City Stories' size was about 700MB, while for GTA IV I had to download over 14GB of game files... Yes, LCS finished first. It was a good game considering that it was built for the PSP, but the story didn't caught me. Graphics, controls, the tiny screen and the terrible framerate also didn't help, so I immediately abandoned LCS when IV finished to download. Installed GTA IV it was true love since the first mission, everything felt so much realistic! After have finished my 1st playthrough, I immediately started another one, and then another one, and then another one and so on... GTA IV still remains my favourite GTA game, only RDR2 recently has been able to take the crown of my personal all-time leaderboard. In short words:

- 1st ever GTA: Grand Theft Auto (PS1)

- 1st GTA that I knew I was playing: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)

- 1st GTA that I actually enjoyed and beated: Grand Theft Auto IV (PC)


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VC or III, not sure. III is my first favorite as you know however VC is a big “Great but i don’t care” for me.

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My friend game me a disc with about a hundred of games around 2001, which is when I played GTA 1 for the first time. It was fun, but not as much as Commander Keen or the old 2d Duke Nukems.


Then around 2002 I played GTA3 for the first time on the friend's computer, I think his mum called him for dinner, so I had some time to drive a limo for Joey. Had no idea how to save, so I guess he had to pass that mission later himself, but I was absolutely blown away by the sun shining right in my eyes as I drove past Callahan bridge; and I consider this to be my first proper GTA experience.

Edited by Lioshenka
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I got introduced to the GTA series with Vice City, at a friend's house sometime in 2003, unfortunately I didn't owned a PS2 at that time but a Gamecube instead so True Crime was the closest thing to my first GTA lol.

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The actual first ever GTA. I think for the PS1. The one with the helicopter view. Still have it actually. 

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I know I saw a family friend play san andreas and do the jetpack thing one day on his ps2 or whatever but it wasn't until a few years later (2011 or 2012) when i saw a different friend playing a pirated copy of IV that i thought "oh, this might be cool, actually" and went ahead and got my own copy of it for like, six dollars from steam

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On 6/12/2015 at 10:10 PM, Lethal Vaccine said:

First one I played was III at a friends and soon after bought it, sometime in late 2001, early 2002. Then I have been buying each new one ever since, like VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, TLaD, TBoGT, CTW, and V. I just never cared for GTA I, GTA II or the London Expansions. I would play Advance, however, so I hope it's released on Mobile one day. I'd buy it...

you know you can just get an emulator right? I played it on mobile.

I first played GTA IV then GTA III but my first owned one was GTA V 

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  • 7 months later...

My first was Liberty City Stories in 2006, back then i didn't knew what "GTA" was, i only heard from classmates and they kept talking about this "cool gta dude", one day i asked my brother to buy this so called GTA game (which costed 50 or so cents and also came with another game's cover) and i was kind of disappointed because "where is the cool gta dude that does all of that crazy stuff?, where is the desert?, why is there no jetpack?" well after half a year i got internet installed at my house and learned that GTA was franchise and there's many iterations.

Edited by Kaname Madoka
Forgot to mention the date
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GTA IV was my first and for the longest time was my ABSOLUTE obsession since 2009 and I was always pissing people off talking about it when playing GTA AV on PS4 because it wasn't on PS4. Though I was most obsessed with it 2009-2014, it wasn't until like 2017/2018 did I really just stop putting it on a pedestal especially since 2019 where it's definitely above good for me but it just doesn't do it anymore.

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  • 1 month later...

GTA III, My mom bought it for me when i was a kid, I couldnt get past Luigi's Girls LOL

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Raj The Rager

The very first GTA that I was given was GTA IV, because before that I wss a child and my parents wouldn't let me have have my own GTA games. But the first one I played was GTA Vice City. When I was at my uncle's house I would not get off of it.

Edited by Arsewipercareerman20
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GTA2, Sega DreamCast. It would be years later that I found out that it was a lousy port of the PC version. The PS1 version is better.

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GTA VC on my old scrappy PC back in 2008, couldn't do anything since I had never had any experience with gaming lol

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