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Your First GTA

Recommended Posts

GTA 2, I played it on my friend's PS1 back in 2000. First one I owned was Vice city and that was wayy later, at 2006.

Edited by Tumppi90
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GTA III was the first I played over at my uncles. I was 3 when it came out.


Vice was the first one I owned but got GTA III for myself a couple months after that and have since played the predecessors.

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San Andreas back in 2006 my step cousin had it on PS2 I played a good 10 minutes of it then took it out and played Liberty city stories afterwards since then I've been hooked to GTA.

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GTA 1, though it wasn't mine and I found it to be quite underwhelming (GTA 2 was much more exciting). That said, GTA III was the first one that I actually owned.

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the first GTA i played was GTA III at a friends house


that next year i got a PS2 and Vice City for Christmas so Vice City was the first one i owned

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My first GTA was... GTA. Got it the day it released on PC and spent about 16 straight hours playing it. It really changed games for me, as suddenly it felt like it was entirely possible to not only explore a game world in its entirety, but also to be able to just... stand still, do nothing, and see the world carry on around you.

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The first one I actually played was San Andreas. Saw the trailer for it and thought it looked like the most amazing game ever.

and it WAS...that game was epic for the time period

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The first one i played was Grand Theft Auto: III which was also the first one i owned for PS2 and later for PC. Got both copies on release day.


The PC release was my favorite one, it came in a nice big box with some additional stuff inside, so sad i lost it when moving to a new location.

Edited by DoubledRelic696
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The first I played was GTA 2 (in 1999-2000 I think) and first I owned was GTA 3 in 2004. edit: Or actually I think I got the 1, 2 and london before that.

After that san andreas in 2005 and then GTA IV in 2009, V mont late in 2013.

Before ownin GTA 3, I was playing Driver 2 in my ps1 in 2002-2003. At that time I was also playing gta 3 in my friends house, who was livin in my neighbor.

GTA IV is still my favorite.


And GTA IV dlc's............ It was early 2015 until I got them...

Thats because it was first only for xbox and I only play playstations.. and then I forget the whole dlc thing until early 2015. :miranda:

Well, better to have it late than not at all.

Edited by BoomBapPoet
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Vice city was the first one I played and owned, when I was really young we bought a used yet almost brand new PS2, whoever previously owned it accidently left their GTA Vice city disc in it, and that's how I got the game :)

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I used to play VC and SA at computer shops. Never really played VC a lot though. I liked SA more. Then I got a San Andreas copy and played the story in my home. So I guess thats the first GTA I "really" played.


After that I played GTA IV and then EFLC. I've never tried any GTA older than Vice City.

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Vice City. Would go to my friend/neighbor's house all the time and play it with him. My cousins had SA at one point so we would do the first few missions together and then just f*ck around. Had to do that every time because we didn't have a memory card, haha.


SA was the first I actually owned and played through the story though.

Edited by cp1dell
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Grand Theft Auto 2 was the first one I played, but to be fair I only played about an hour of. GTA 3 was the game that really did it for me and got me into the series so I'll go with that.

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GTA San Andreas was the first I ever played and it really got me into the series, it was one of the main reasons I got my Xbox 360 at the time.

Edited by MrFriday
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Jerking For Soup

Well, my first GTA was Vice City but I played III a few times Before that, so really, III is my first official GTA, but Vice City introduced me to the GTA Series. I played San Andreas after I completed VC too, and I enjoyed it.

Edited by - Ballistics -
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First one I played was SA. First one I owned was V.

I do have SA on my PC, but I didn't buy it...

After that it was V for the PS3, then VC on Steam (never finished it due to too many rage quits), then IV The Complete Edition on PS3 (a few weeks ago).

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