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"Subway" restaurants in future GTA?


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We have parodies of burger restaurants (Burger King, MC Donalds). Don't know what Cluckin Bell is, maybe KFC?


Anyway. What would you think about having a subway parody in GTA VI?


If weight gaining and bodybuilding and the eating-related health bar return, a subway restaurant would actually make sense.


In SA you already had the choice which foot you wanna have, subway would top that.


You could choose which bread, meat, vegetables, cheese and sauces you want to have on your sandwich. Every single choice could affect your body differently in terms of fitness (bodybuilding effect, muscles, stamina, weight/ fat) and your general energy/health bar.


A chicken sandwich with a lot of protein would be good for bodybuilding for example.


What do you think? Will we see Subway restaurants in GTA?

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I was thinking how's about crappy underground subways in an actual subway spread around the map's tunnels

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We already had them in 3D era. There was unusable restaurant TUBE in LCS for example.

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"Wanna be healthy and not be obese like everyone else? You don't want to risk having a heart attack? Then come on down to Healthyway, with all of our sandwiches. We're way better than those other places. Just make sure you're not being followed, otherwise people are going to think you're being a pussy."

Edited by GamesBoy316
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>saying there isn't a Subway parody already in the HD era


And even then, I wouldn't want it to be like it was described in the OP. I want GTA to be a crime game, not an "add lettuce and get rid of that beer belly" game.

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Its surprising to see people want to see things that are hardly important to the gameplay. I understand the reasoning when people say along the lines, "why not?"

But for a game that comes out every four to give years or so, I'd rather want to see them focus a LOT on the "crime aspects" from gameplay perspective and invest a significant portion of the development work, hardware resources and time towards everything that revolves around each individual factor that helps to improve and push the potential further.

Once we see the main nuts and bolts fot the crime game in function then it makes a lot of sense to focus on things of lesser priority like the topic at hand.

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The Dedito Gae

this thread sucks so hard.

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This thread doesn't suck.

Edited by GamesBoy316
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this thread sucks so hard.

You suck hard.



goat doodee.





Me too, however I like it big.

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  • 2 weeks later...

*cough* Fast food = Slow death *cough*





Edited by BlackSnow176
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