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Best engine sounds


Which engine sounds best  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. Which sounds best?

  2. 2. Which is the best sounding category?

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With the New Sterling making the rounds I now have to ask which of the GTA cars makes the best noise.


I haven't started a poll just now as I am looking a prelimary list of contenders so please let me know what shoulod be in the poll.


So far I have:






Croquette Classic


Edited by Cudwieser
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Rat-Truck is up there, definitely. A little hotrod truck that can make any man hard within a 50 mile radius. It's one of the main reasons people keep it around as the brakes and steering sucks. :)

Banshee backfiring isn't bad, too.

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I'd have to go with the Albany Virgo as one.


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Turismo, Coquette, Jester and Massecro Racecars

Edited by Caffe1ne
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Stinger GT



Osiris @ 5mph crawl drive-by speedings



:) i Chang

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On PS4: Infernus (God DAMN), Windsor, Stirling, Stinger GT, Carbinozzare, Virgo, Hotknife to name a few. Honestly, the engine sounds on PS4 sound pretty damn good all around but those ones come to mind immediately.


Furore GT too.

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Easy one, the only time I've ever heard people on mic go WOW! HOLY sh*t! listen to that thing! when I've driven past , that's only ever happened in the Massacro racecar.


But apart from that one, the Turismo, Coquette, Rat truck/Virgo, Phoenix (easily the best muscle sound for me), Hotknife, Stinger GT, maybe a nod to the Zentorno.. Those are the best for me. Oh and of course the Stirling GT is right up near or at the top now too.

Edited by elfoam
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Retired Mafia

Virgo and the slamvan for sure




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Stirling GT

Jester (racecar variant)



Edited by elidc
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I kinda wish the Osiris sounded like the Infernus.



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Zoots Remuvah

Casco (hands down winner)




Stinger topless

Edited by Doktor Gott
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Stirling GT



Rapid GT



Massacro Race Car





Edited by CrysisAverted
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Osiris nuff said.









OK seriously, for me it would be the following:






Massacro (race)

Jester (race)


Pretty much in that order.

Edited by sebcreed
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How much of a difference does turbo make to engine noise? I cant tell much of a difference other than the occasional hiss

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Stirling/Casco/JB 700, Dukes/many other muscles, Slamvan/Rat-Truck, Infernus.

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How has no-one said the Windsor yet? I love the growl of that V8.


1) Massacro (and the slightly un-muffled(?) sound of it's racecar counterpart)

2) Windsor

3) Schwartzer

4) Carbo/Feltzer

5) Coquette

6) Stirling GT

7) Osiris (when at low Revs)

8) Dubsta 6x6

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Sultan with Turbo.

It doesn't come with a blow off valve giving that nice flutter noise :inlove:.


And obviously Virgo.

Edited by DJS
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vigero is the best or most of the muscle cars now i come to think about it, but especially the vigero. The super cars sound awful. A few sports sound good the feltzer and carbon.

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