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Send a FR to lakersazn

Cars = ANY

3500 mile trip from LSC to Top of map = the desert where we all park our cars and hang out that the rally has been over.

WE WILL Stop at gas stations and car washes.

We try to make it has real as possible.

We MAY stop to take rests. MAY.

Bring a car with decent horsepower as we will stop at the airport to do a few runs down the drag strip. Just a heads up so don't bring the slowest car you have lol.

If you have a mic GREAT. If you don't it's fine. Just follow what we do and your golden.

We will meet up at the parking lot and we start from there.

IT WILL be an invite only session so no people can ruin the fun.

If you have the jester that has the decals and stuff on it, PLEASE bring that. If you don't that's is fine. Just bring any car as said, with decent horsepower (etc -normal jester,massacro,zentorno,Osiris and any other.

RULES - Please DO NOT drive crazy as in crash into people and cutting off people. We try to make this look like the REAL GUMBALL 3000 as possible.

2. We may stop at some scenic areas where we will take some group pictures and stuff.

3. The rally may last up to 2/3 hours in our own time. If you happen to leave in the middle of driving that is fine.

4. We oftenly stop at Los Santos to fix up our cars since we don't want any damaged looking cars in our rally for the realistic was we're going for.


Again, my PSN is lakersazn. Once you add me tell me your here for the rally so I'll know to add people to the list and how many people we will have for the rally.


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