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Official Summer Carmeets /Registration/ (360 & One)

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Gamertag: Viezo
Car Choice: Any
Timezone: EST
Rockstar Social Club Username: Ronsterrr
Do I have a mic? (Yes/No): Yes
Platform: 360
Age: 16

Edited by Viezo

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Gamertag: x22Laxer22x

Car Choice:Rapid GT or Blade

Timezone: central

Rockstar Social Club Username: 22laxer22

Do I have a mic? (Yes/No): yes

Platform: Xbox 360

Age: 16

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Looks Like The Summer Time Is Over. Sad to say that but it looks we will still be on and available no matter the time of the year! We are deciding on making a new thread or stay on this one. Stay Tuned and we will wish you guys well.

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"Anything Goes" CarMeet (XBONE)


Starts 10 A.M

Ends 1 P.M.


Event Details: Bring your Favorite Car To The Meet as anything is allowed. Your Standard CarMeet Rules are expected at the Meet so you should know what to do and not to do.


You may send a msg at 9:30 to get an early invite. No Need to sign up just msg me.


Host GT: Jw0lf0531

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Gamertag:eX Entei
Car Choice:Any car - Favourite Coquette Classic/Stirling GT/Banshee
Rockstar Social Club Username:Lv1Entei
Do I have a mic? (Yes/No):Yes
Platform: 360


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Add me please routla89 (no mic)

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